By now, which just checking my calendar is about the 720th of March, we are all pretty much qualified teachers and for someone who kept getting caught up by the 3 feet rule in netball, I am getting damn good at judging a metre and a half (I also give a really good stare if someone at Woolies doesn’t on their X in the check out line too!). Who knows when this madness will end. Who would have thought that after the Tigers broke my heart in 2017 (sorry crows..still love you) that it would be another form of Tiger that gave me such joy during Iso. If you haven’t seen Tiger King, check out our review and get onto it!

Anyway after tearing our way through the 80s and 90s, it is time for the best family movies of the 00s that you need to show your kids during iso.

Ah the 2000s. What a decade. We somehow survived the Millennium Bug just in time to carve it up at The Planet and Joplins, or was Time Warp at Heaven more your thing? No matter then venue, my dancing was shite and consisted of nothing more than an awkward shuffle and maybe ‘the sprinkler’ ….a timeless move. What a time to be alive and thank god there was no social media for most of that because….well that would just be bad OK. So. So bad.

There are some absolute belters in movie land that you need to get your kids into from the 00s. It was when the Queen herself, JK Rowling, gifted us with Harry Potter. Pixar and Disney kept doing their thing and my future hero Robert Downey Jr kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Iron Man (Love you 3000 RDJ).

So sit back, get ready to search across the 78 streaming sites you now need to subscribe too and enjoy our top 13 family movies of the 2000s (Oh I picked 1 each of Harry, Disney and Pixar…don’t hate me)

13) Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs – My quirky CGI pick that you may have forgotten about. Watched this 412 times and it was either really funny, or it became really funny on the 412th viewing.

12) City of Ember – Humans move to underground city due to war or something. Kids work out how to escape a few hundred years later. Really cool, steam punk style with a really different plot. A fave of mine. Kids may find it a bit slow, but stuff them. They don’t have to go to school anymore, so they can’t have everything.

11) Holes – Similar to no. 12, Shia Lebouf digs a heap of holes in a desert. Full of plot twists, treasure and Shia Lebouf as a kid before he climbed on cages in Sia music videos, the kids will love it.


10) Ice Age – They made more of these than they did Land Before Time movies. I think I stopped watching after the 2nd one but its worth a watch just for Scrat the squirrel thing.

9) High School Musical – Going to be honest here, can’t recall ever watching all of this in one hit. But saw snippets of it enough that eventually pieced together, forms a full movie. If you have now teenage daughters, you can feel my pain. Relive that pain again or for the first time during iso!

8) The Grinch – An absolute classic which gets a run again every Christmas. Jim Carrey is hilarious and Taylor Momsen stars as the kid (and has since gone onto be absolutely bonkers which is the answer the Fantale question in case you were wondering)


7) Night at the Museum – If your kids haven’t seen this yet, they will LOVE it. Such a cool concept, unless your kids are scared of things coming to life at night. Then maybe not such a good idea. Exhibits in a museum come to life each night thanks to magic things. My kids always said I reminded them of the giant Easter Island head.

6) Kung Fu Panda – Brilliant, hilarious and totally re-watchable. That is usually how I describe the 2007 AFL Grand Final but it also applies here too. Jack Black plays a cartoon panda version of himself.

5) The Chronicles of Narnia: Lion Witch and Wardrobe – If Liam Neeson as Aslan doesn’t make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end, I don’t know what will. Step into the world’s largest wardrobe, complete with its own ice queen. Never really got into the sequels….I am easily confused.

4) Shrek – Forget the 17 crap sequels, the OG is by far the best. Sort of the first of the “kids movies with the subliminal adult jokes”, you can impress your kids with your ability to put on a dodgy Scottish ogre accent.

3) Elf – I am a massive Will Ferrel fan and this is one of his best. Still laugh out loud funny no matter how many times you see it.

2) Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire – OK this was a hard call, but I nominate Goblet as my fave HP movie of the 00s, actually of the lot to be honest. It was my favourite book (yes I was a ‘line up on release day for the books’ kind of guy) and my fave movie (If Cedric’s death doesn’t bring a tear, you are as evil as Carole F*cking Baskin)

1) Wall E – Pixar owned the 00s. This could have been either The Incredibles, Up or Finding Nemo. But Wall- E comes up top for me, not least because future humans sitting in a chair day after day watching a screen kind of reminds me of my iso life right now. Pretty much movie perfection, make sure your kids see this asap.

There you have it peeps. My fave family movies of the 00s. Do you agree, disagree? What did I miss?