Adelaide Fringe is of course famous for it’s performances, shows and art installations BUT it’s also one such a great opportunity to get down to the city and try some new food flavours, some crazy treats or just a good old ice cream from one of the many many food trucks and vendors that set up for the month of Adelaide Fringe. It’s actually one of our Fringe highlights so we thought this year we’d share our favourite food-y finds.
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Sky Doodles Fairy Floss

Sky Doodles is a kid magnet. You cannot walk past his cute little stall without stopping to watch this Fairy Floss magician at work.

It’s actually mesmorising for young and old alike. I mean – who doesn’t love Fairy Floss shaped as a chicken?!

Find him at Gluttony

Follow him on Instagram @theskydoodles



Adelaide Fringe Instagram feeds are flooded with epic dessert creations from Shibui. Find at Gluttony Follow on Instagram @shibui.dessertbar

Smooth Operators

Head to the newest Fringe venue, Fool’s Paradise and get a refreshing smoothie or fruit treat from Smooth Operators – delicious, healthy and refreshing on those scorching Fringe summer days! 

Keep up to date with everything happening at Fool’s Paradise via their IG!

The Filipino Project

Filipino inspired delights with something on the menu for the whole family. Get the BBQ skewers, they’re a must and top it off with one of their Instafamous Halo Halo soft serves

Find at Gluttony
Follow on Instagram @thefilipinoproject

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Enfes Delight

Gozleme is the perfect Fringe snack. Delicious, easy to eat, filling. Y-U-M and you won’t find tastier than the Sausage Gozleme from Enfes Delight.

Find at Gluttony
Follow on Instagram @enfesdelights

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Sooki La La

Bao buns….need we say more?
Sooki La La is great because their meals fill you up without giving you that “oh no I have eaten way too much” feeling. They have a great menu with the freshest ingredients.

Find them in Gluttony,
Instagram: @sookilala_adl

Gelato Messina

The gelato that is famous across the world and near impossible to find in Adelaide – IT IS RIGHT HERE IN GLUTTONY, HOORAY! 

Take the kids and just try to pick from their incredible flavours such as Salted Caramel with White Choc, NYC Cheesecake, Mango and Coconut, Red Velvet with Cream Cheese and so so so many more. 

We are officially in love. Gelato Messina, you have our heart. 

Find at Gluttony
Follow them on Instagram and try not to drool on your screen.

Hubba Hubba Hummus

#inhummuswetrust. If you’re craving something healthy, gluten free or want to eat a rainbow make your way over to Hubba Hubba Hummus at Gluttony for all things hummus! Hummus topped with lamb, topped with Ragu or a Goodness Plate for some veggo goodness. 

Find at Gluttony
Follow on Instagram @hubbahubbahummus

Gelatissmo – Rundle St

The perfect treat while you’re walking back to your car or killing time between shows. As always, there are so many flavours to choose from, but we can’t wait to taste their new 2023 special Adelaide Fringe flavour – ‘Espresso Macadamia Magnifique’. Doesn’t it sound delish?

280 Rundle St, Adelaide
Instagram: @gelatissimogelato

Gang Gang

Make it a burger…but make it a bit Fringe-y. Find Gang Gang in Gluttony with their shiny new rebranded container (just look straight ahead as you come in the East Tce entry) and grab the yummiest burgers going around. Our kids loved The God’s Plan (classic cheeseburger) and I loved the Cardi B, which is chicken with slaw, avocado and other delicous things. YUM.

Find at Gluttony
Follow on Instagram @thegangco

48 Flavours

If you’re searching for ice cream you can’t go past their stall in Gluttony! Try the purple Taro flavour. It’s a Fringe tradition for us!

Find at Gluttony
Follow on Instagram @48flavoursofficial

Pizza Teca

 Sometimes pizza is the only thing you need. And if you find yourself with a pizza craving at Adelaide Fringe make your way directly to Pizza Teca

Find at Gluttony
Follow on Instagram @pizza_teca

Anger Fish and Chips

If fish and chips, a fish taco or just a serve of really good hand cut hot chips is what you feel like head up to the back of Gluttony to find Angler.

Find at Gluttony
Follow on Instagram @anglerstirling

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