The Best Kids Lunchboxes and Lunchbox Accessories

The Best Kids Lunchboxes and Lunchbox Accessories

Well…… it’s almost that time again! School is BACK in just a couple of weeks and it’s time to dig out that old lunchbox to see if it will survive another year of being thrown around and left in the bottom of the school bag. We’ve got A LOT of school aged kids here at KiA so between us we’ve been through our fair share of lunchboxes so we thought it would be helpful to share which ones we’ve tried, tested and LOVED. Here’s our pick of the best kids lunchboxes and lunchbox accessories for kids.

Nudie Rudie Lunchboxes

Grab the kids a new lunchbox AND support a local S.A business, that’s a win/win!

Nudie Rudie Lunch Box is owned by accredited and practicing Adelaide based Accredited Practising Dietitian, Julia. Crafted for lasting sustainability, these leak-proof and dishwasher-safe lunch boxes are designed with non-toxic materials, ensuring a safe and eco-friendly experience.

We’ve got the Nudie Rudie Lunch Box Five compartment stainless steel lunch box which comes with five airtight and leakproof compartments including two removable snack pots and also the Nudie Rudie Lunch Box 3 compartment Hot n Cold Hero Box which is Australia’s only stainless steel lunchbox that includes a food jar for hot and cold foods – it’s the perfect size for noodles, pasta or leftovers and it fits right into the lunchbox.

Both lunchboxes have the perfect amount and sized compartments. Not too many that you’re cutting food up into tiny pieces to fill them, but enough that you can offer a good selection of different foods without them touching and also without the need for any cling wrap. 

We also love that the top quailty stainless steel is dishwasher safe and the clasps have been designed with little hands in mind, both lunchboxes are easily opened and closed by my 5 year old.

Check the range online at


For price, variety and availability you can’t go past Decor. They have a range of lunchboxes, lunchbox accessories like snack bags and snack tubs, ice walls lunch bags and in particular, a great range of kids drink bottles – perfect for school. They’re also available at your local supermarket.

New in ’24 is the Decor Personalised range of lunchboxes and drinkbottles that let kids go wild personalising their gear with the cute stickers provided.

We also love the triple split Bento. Great for parents (like me) who are a bit put off by a bento box with 11 spots to fill. This one give you just three generously sized sections with enough space to hold a sandwich, snacks and fruit and all contained with an airtight seal for freshness, it’s also a great price for this style of lunchbox at only $14. Love the new pastel colour range too, YAY for more options than just clearn, blue or pink!

Shop the Decor back to school range at your local Woolworths or Big W

Check the range online at

The Zero Waste People

If having the most GORGEOUS lunchbox in the class will get your kid to eat their lunch, then you need to check out the range from The Zero Waste People. 

They have an enormous range of silicone bento boxes (in three different sizes), round containers, rectangle containers, drink bottles and accessories that come in the most stunning colours. We LOVE the Rainbow boxes, but the Paddle Pop, Splice and single colours are very cool too!

Everything is leak proof, drop proof, dishwasher and microwave safe which is a big win for us. They even personalise items, so they won’t end up in lost property!

Check the range online at

Shop local at Have you met Charlie?

If you love brands like Kollab, The Somewhere Co, Ever Eco or Rex London take a look at the lunchbox, drink bottle and accessory range from Adelaide store Have you met Charlie?
If you prefer to shop in store rather than online you can pop in and browse their range to find the perfect products for you.

shop online at
or visit them in store at Adelaide Arcade or Jetty Rd, Brighton

Get it Personalised!

A lost lunchbox or drinkbottle is pretty much a given at some stage of the school year BUT when you get your name PERMANENTELY marked on it, the chances of it eventually coming back are a lot higher! The clever folks at use the latest technology and equipment to permanently mark and personalise items that comply with Australian Safety Standards.

Simply choose one of the products from their personalised range, tell them what name or message you would like marked on it, and then place your order. They’ll personalise your product for you and send it to you as soon as it’s ready! There’s drink bottles, lunchboxes, food pods, sippy cups and snack pots in the range, you can even order goggles with your name on them!

Take a look at their huge range at

home. by Foil Me.

And now for the cutest way to wrap a sambo (and pretty much anything else) check out Foil Me’s foil sheets which will keep your lunchbox food fresh and also plastic free! These foil wraps come in boxes of 100 individual sheets in medium or large size and can be wiped clean and reused or if they’re ready for the bin, simply scrunch them into a ball and throw in your recycling. 

20c from each packet is donated to Animals Australia to assist Australian animals in need so you can rejoice in your choice to wrap your food with a practical, socially responsible, environmentally friendly, and adorable Australian product.

shop online at


And of course for something more fun Smiggle is always a winner with kids. We love their Double Decker lunchbox with it’s two tiered design making it easy to seperate lunch from snacks, or recess from lunch. Inslated and BPA free lining keeps everything fresh for when hunger hits!

$36.95 online at


Just like peeling a banana…with your wrap inside!
Wrap’d is the perfect and fun solution to keep your kids wraps fresh and tasty. It works a bit like peeling a banana! It encases your wrap to store, and while you eat, it eliminates mess and acts as a hygienic barrier between your hands and food. Perfect for little (and big) hands, Wrap’d is fully reusable, dishwasher safe and easy to use.

$19.95 online at

Goodful Stackable Lunch Box

The Goodful Stackable Lunchboxes are a great option for kids who would prefer a salad or a deconstructed sandwich that won’t go soggy! The container is 100% leak-proof and includes 4 lift out trays to make it easy to divide ingredients without touching. It’s even got a small cup you can use for salad dressing, mayo or a small treat.
Comes in 5 colours.

click here to order online

Yumbox Presto.

Kids love a Poke Bowl or Salad but don’t like it going mushy before lunchtime?
Try the brand new Yumbox Poke Bowl.
Using the removable divider makes it easy to create a poke or salad bowl and keep foods separate until it’s time to mix and enjoy! Or keep the divider inside to separate cut up sandwich, snacks, fruit etc.
All ages will love this one! Loads of colours available.

$34.95 online at

Yumbox Presto.

It’s the famous Yumbox – stainless style.

The brand new Yumbox Presto swaps plastic for stainless steel. It still offers absolute convenience in its moulded tray with pre-portioned compartments. And it’s still simple to use, thanks to Yumbox’s child-friendly single clasp. Easy to clean, super durable, heat-resistant, non-toxic and won’t corrode, even when storing acidic or briny foods. 

$69.95 online at

The Hive Wrappa

Technically not a lunch box but a perfectly convenient eco friendly alternative to plastic cling wrap. Not sure about you but our kids are becoming fiercely passionate about these changes. Does any one else’s school reward kids for nude food and plastic free lunch boxes? Our kids take great pride in their various sized beeswax wraps and so we were stoked to find this beautiful little SA hand made product. If you haven’t ever tried beeswax food wraps, now is a great time and they are relatively inexpensive given they are made for multiple, multiple, versitile use.

You can find them at local markets like Stirling Laneways on 24th Jan 2021 AND their new website is almost ready to go here:
Give them a follow on Facebook HERE and Instagram HERE lunchbox

The lunchbox features a large compartment that fits a whole sandwich. Plus, sitting underneath the tray is an included gel cooler pack to keep food fresher and cooler for longer. Or, remove the sandwich tray and the compartment now easily fits pasta and salads. The best feature on this lunchbox is the unique flexi whole fruit holder which lets you store a whole apple or piece of fruit as the stretchy seal bends around  – no need to cut fruit into smaller sizes, no more brown apple!

Leak-proof silicone seals lets you store wet foods like watermelon and yoghurts (no liquids). The custom divider slides across enabling parents to adjust the compartment size as they need, or remove it to fit a whole banana or wrap. Easy for little hands to open and close too.

The range also comes in snack boxes (perfect size for munch and crunch) drinkbottles, insulated food jars, gel coolers, spoons and florks. Yes I said florks

The lunchbox is a great price at $32.95 online here

Seed + Sprout CrunchBox

I’ve had a Seed and Sprout Crunchbox since 2020 and it’s still going, this thing is TOUGH

Love it’s deep and large compartments that will fit a regular sized sambo so you won’t have to origami the bread to make it fit. It also comes with 2 x leak-proof pots that come with the lunchbox and can be used for anything liquid-y. Tried and tested, they are indeed leakproof.

Available in a range of sizes and colours. Easy to clean and very durable.

Available online at

Fridge to Go Cooler Bags

We swear by the medium fridge to go cooler bags / lunch bags for our kids. They are perfect for fitting a lunch box inside that will stay cool for up to EIGHT hours and there will be no condensation. You simply freeze and insert a thing lightweight freezer panel that zips into place in the morning. It’s like magic.

The quality is brilliant (we simply wipe it clean or occasionally pop it through the washing machine on a gentle cycle) and we are only just now replacing one that’s four years old! Don’t want to put a lunch box in it? No worries, we pack whole fruit, yoghurts and wax wrapped sandwiches or snack pouches directly in to the fridge bag.

The medium lunch bag is $42.95 and comes in awesome plain colors and fun patterns – plus you can personalise it if you wish.

Buy it here:


Looking to lift your ‘nude food’ game this year? Don’t forget the fork!  For a truly zero waste alternative ECONO have a perfect solution for little fingers.  This handy bamboo travel spork is perfect for everything, from lunch on the go to a spontaneous ice cream at the beach.  They come as a set of three with a cute carry pouch which makes it easy to keep your clean sporks separate from the dirty ones.

If you have older kids, send them to school in style with ECONO’s stunningly designed matte black travel cutlery set.  The set comes with everything they could possibly need, including straws and a drawstring pouch and dishwasher safe carry box, making it nice and easy to keep their dirty utensils separate… actually… maybe a set of these could save Mum from the disappearing teaspoon dilemma at the office too!

Check the range online at

And once you’ve chosen your lunchbox below are some ideas on how to fill it!

Make Your Own Sushi

Make Your Own Sushi

Did you know that making sushi doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated? Our kids love rolling…

Double Chocolate Scones

Double Chocolate Scones

Nothing like your Grandma used to make and every thing like the chocolate mud scone that you will…

Some (not all) of the lunchboxes mentioned above we received free of charge for the purpose of this review however as for all reviews from Kids in Adelaide the above is honest and in our own words.

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