Nothing like your Grandma used to make and every thing like the chocolate mud scone that you will find at Bakers Delight, we used World Chocolate Day as an excuse to roll up our sleeves with the kids in the kitchen and knock out a batch of these lunch box winners.

Make them by hand, make them in a food processor (honestly this is the worst option) or make them in your fancy pants Thermomix using the ‘kneeding’ function if you like scrubbing that stupid bowl and blade. Doesn’t matter how you make these, they are rustic, rough and so so good. Your bench and hands are going to get messy. Last thing, if you have one of those silicone mats, you are perhaps a class above me, but also, it would be a great opportunity to pull it out from the back of the cupboard.

Here’s what you need:

260 grams plain flour

125g butter (salted, unsalted, you choose)

60g brown sugar

40g cocoa powder (or raw cacao if you are a hippy) use more if you are a risk taker like me

2tsp baking powder

pinch of salt

150g choc chips (or more or less, we probably used 150g and ate another 150g because #worldchocolateday)

1tsp bicarb (found ours in the slime cupboard)

1 egg lightly beaten (preferably from a chicken, not from Easter)

200g milk (any kind)

Bang it all together like this:

Preheat fan forced oven 180oC

Throw your flour, butter, sugar, baking powder, cocoa, bicarb and salt in to a mixing bowl and mix until just combined

Add your choc chips, milk and egg and stir with elbow power (use a kneed function 30 seconds if cooking with a Thermomix)

Dust you hands with flour and transfer you chocolatey goodness to a floured bench or silicone mat

The dough will be the stickiest thing ever

Press it out to a rectangle that’s about 3cm thick and maybe 15cm wide and 20cm long

We added a few extra choc chips to the top at this point, lightly pressing them in

Cut into scones (we just used a knife and made twelve big rectangle scones)

Place individually with a little room to grow on baking paper on a tray and pop into your oven for 17-20 minutes

These will freeze well or keep in an airtight container on the bench for 48 hours (longer in the fridge)

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