Since opening in November 2015 West Beach Adventure has grown to become one KiA’s favourite family days out in Adelaide. Kids from pre school age right up to teens, and us adults are catered for with something for every one.

West Beach Adventure doesn’t have age restrictions, but height limits. For MegaClimb those above 1.2m are welcome with an adult, and those over 1.4m (and over 14yrs) can go it alone, which suits most kids of school age and up. The Kids Coursecaters for the youngest members of the family over 80cms. Little climbers can also launch themselves up to 8 metres on the MegaBounce trampoline and there are some swings suitable for little ones as well as some undercover games they can enjoy.


The MegaClimb structure with it’s Crows Nest tower is the tallest adventure activity in Australia! Harness up and tackle the 70 obstacles to the top. Play tennis in the sky, row a boat mid-air and make your way around a floating esky, BMX bike, and sky-high picnic table. It’s great fun!

I took my 5 year old daughter (121cms) and my 15 year old nephew and they both loved it! It’s hard to find something that both a 5 year old girl AND a 15 year old boy can enjoy together but the way that West Beach Adventure is set up, they could both choose exactly what they wanted, and felt comfortable to try. Blake (the 15 year old) had no dramas completing most of the obstacles and loved the 30 metre climb to the very top of the Crows Nest while my 5 year old hung out on the lower levels with her Dad and only did the obstacles she was comfortable with. One in particular she umm-ed and ahhh-ed about for quite a while before biting the bullet and taking that first step out onto the rope. She was VERY proud of herself when she got to the other side and later said this was her favourite part of the whole day.

Giant Swing

Strap in and be hoisted 18m off the ground to enjoy the view…..but not for long! You’ll soon be told to pull the pin and you’ll launch through the air reaching speeds of up to 70km an hour! My 6 year old and her “little bit scared of heights” Dad absolutely loved doing this together.

Winnie (ages 6) and me (aged 38 but after this swing feel more like 78!!!)

The Giant Swing is $25 each for 2 swings, or it’s included in the Gold & Bronze Packages!

Kids Course

West Beach Adventure’s Kids Course opened in July 2019 and allows smaller family members to enjoy the thrill of climbing too. With 10 obstacles including a super cool ‘boat ride’ and finishing with a zip line, the kids are sure to love it. We took our 4 & 6 year olds and couldn’t drag the older one off! The younger one finished 2 circuits before tapping out (in the rain!).

Another family also on the kids course at the same time had kids aged 5,7 & 9 and they were all having a great time. The highlights of the new kids course were the awesome canoe that the kids can pull themselves across to the other side, the slack line and the flying fox at the end!


And for those who aren’t quite confident enough to tackle the obstacles yet, or if you want a fantastic vantage point to snap some great photos of your kids on the course, just $5 will get you a SkyWalk ticket where you can bypass the obstacles and walk to the top of MegaClimb without a harness.

Pricing depends on what you’d like to take on at West Beach Adventure.

Gold package ($75 per person):
Do it all! The ultimate day of adventure includes the 70+ obstacles on the MegaClimb, a free fall simulated jump from 18m high, the SkyWalk to take in the views, and TWO turns on the Giant Swing to finish your day with an adrenaline rush like no other. * allow 3 hours *

Silver package ($59 per person):
You’ll spend around 2 hours tackling the 70+ obstacles on the MegaClimb – any direction you like, for as long as you like. Finish your activity by launching yourself from our MegaJump, an 18m high free fall simulator! * allow 2 hours *

Bronze package ($35 per person):
Short on time? Combine the excitement of our Mega Jump & 2 turns on the Giant Swing, plus enjoy the views from the SkyWalk on your way up. * allow 30 minutes *
You can take your time, go as high as you like, do as many of the obstacles you like, skip some, do some more than once. Ride a BMX bike, row a boat, sit at a sky-high picnic table and jump from the very top to the ground on the 20 metre freefall simulator ParaJump!

Kids Course pricing starts at $20 for an hour of unlimited laps, and you can add extras like a MegaJump or Giant Swing if you want to.

MegaBounce and SkyWalk tickets can be purchased on the day.

There is lots of space to run around when you’ve had enough or for the smaller members of the family and there is also an onsite SkyCafe where you can grab a coffee, cold drink, ice cream or a snack. Toilets are also available onsite.

Fantastic for families, friends, daredevils, birthday parties, team building, and well pretty much everyone – make sure you get down to West Beach to check them out!

West Beach Adventureis open every day over summer between 10am-6pm and is located within West Beach Parks on the corner of Military Road and Hamra Avenue in West Beach.

To save delays on the day please ensure to book the correct category. Guests between 120cm and 140cm must be supervised on the MegaClimb course by an adult.

Height and weight restriction information and online bookings available at