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Sometimes it can be really hard to find the time to exercise and stay fit and healthy when you have little ones to take care of. That’s why we LOVE a good Womens or Mums & Bubs class. Whether it’s Women’s fitness classes, mums and bubs yoga, running groups or stroller exercise groups we’ve got some of Adelaide’s best options below.

Strength Social

Navigating the world of fitness pre and post pregnancy is hard and overwhelming especially when you are feeling tired and possibly have a few other kids in tow. 

Plenty of places offer pre or postnatal yoga or Pilates but if you’re a mum who doesn’t mind a sweat session, wants to throw some weight around or loves a good deadlift, the options are limited. Strength Social offers BELLA. 

BELLA is unique in the way that it’s run. Small groups of no more than 6 people, where you can bring the kids and/or the babies, and safely learn how to exercise at the intensity that you desire. BELLA will cover all the fundamental big moves, lifts and jumps whilst educating you how to rehabilitate post birth or prevent pregnancy related dysfunction. It’s also a great way to have a bit of a tune up in between pregnancy’s. 

Let’s get real for a second. Prolapse, leakage, diastasis and all other pregnancy related symptoms are common, doesn’t mean that they are normal or that you can’t exercise safely and without a pad. Our BELLA trainer is qualified and experienced to guide you through more high intensity exercises and work towards strategies to help you be the most confident self in the gym. It’s also a safe place to ask all the questions you want and get a deeper understanding of your symptoms. The aim of BELLA is to work with you towards a higher intensity of exercise having you feel STRONGER and more CONFIDENT than you did pre kiddies. 

45min classes running three days a week. 10:30am Tuesday/Wednesday and Thursday.

More information can be found at or link in our Instagram @strengthsocial
Our give Bec a buzz on 0439884557. She’s happy to answer any questions anytime. 

Clarity Massage & Wellness

Based on leafy Melbourne Street in North Adelaide, Clarity Massage & Wellness is your “one stop wellness hub”. Voted Adelaide’s Best Health & Wellbeing Centre for the last 2 consecutive years in The City Awards, Clarity specialises in Women’s Health and Pre + Post Natal care.

With a focus on individualised care, Clarity fosters a strong community spirit and attitude of “joyful wellness”. Their award-winning services include:

  • Remedial Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Acupuncture (Fertility, Pregnancy & Labour Prep)
  • Naturopathy & Nutrition (Fertility, Women’s Health & Hormonal Health)
  • Organic Skin Care, Facials & Packages
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Pre + Post Natal Strength Classes
  • Mums n Bubs Yoga
  • Women’s Health Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Hypnobirthing classes
  • Workshops & Events

Clarity stocks a thoughtfully curated range of Australian and locally made products to support the health and wellbeing of the much-loved Clarity Community.
Why not go and visit, have a cuppa and enjoy a #momentofclarity for yourself.

Aspire Physio

Growing a human takes a huge toll on the body, and while some women sail through pregnancy quite comfortably, we’ve all heard (or experienced!) the many, many aches and pains that can appear.

Then what about AFTER baby has arrived? There can be a very, very long road to recovery ahead…

Aspire Physiotherapy, located in beautiful Glenelg, offer a range of Physiotherapy services to help mummas to navigate the pregnancy and post-partum period. Physiotherapy treatment, advice and Pregnancy-specific exercise classes can ease pelvic pain, back pain, headaches, calf cramps and the many more ‘wonderful’ symptoms that can appear during pregnancy.

For the post-partum period, they offer 1:1 appointments to treat new-mum aches, assess abdominal separation and pelvic floor function, and plan out how to safely return to pre-pregnancy running, netball or gym classes. They also have Mums & Bubs Mat classes available 5 days a week, which are perfect from 6 weeks post-partum, until your baby’s first birthday. This gentle but specific class re-builds the foundations of core strength, helping to take safe steps towards your pre-pregnancy exercise routine.

Find more info and current class times at

Facebook /aspirephysiotherapysa
Instagram /aspirephysiosa

Villagehood Australia

Villagehood Australia is a Registered Charity and volunteer-based organisation dedicated to empower the community to protect the health & wellbeing of mothers in Adelaide.

Founded in 2020, Villagehood Australia offers a range of bubs friendly activities and programs for mums to connect with one another, mentally recharge and learn the tools to navigate more positively through the ups and downs of motherhood.

Currently taking place on Wednesdays during the School Terms, either at the Fulham Community Centre or Henley & Grange Community Centre, Villagehood Australia’s activities are:

  • Pilates
  • Art class
  • Women’s Choir
  • Co-working space
  • Soft Play Area for babies under 2
  • Creche services for toddler and pre-schoolers

Details can be found on their website www.villagehoodaustralia.comYou can also book a FREE TRIAL directly on their booking page

Mummy Mummy

It’s not always easy being a new mummy so Mummy Mummy is here to help new mummies in their homes.  Maud Giles will come to your home and help you learn how to care for your baby and assist with things around your home.
How would you feel if after a Mummy Mummy Visit your washing was done, a meal had been cooked ready to heat later and you had learnt how to bath your baby?
Maud can also care for your baby while you rest or go out, make you lunch, run errands and drive or accompany you to appointments or outings.  Even a trip to the supermarket can seem dauting with a baby at times.
And for those tearful times, Maud will be there to provide kindness and emotional support.
You don’t have to do it alone.

KX Pilates North Adelaide

KX Pilates is a dynamic, high intensity, low impact, all over body toning workout in just 50 minutes. It fuses traditional reformer Pilates with strength, stability and cardio elements to make sure you feel the burn with every workout!

Classes are set with a maximum of 14 people, ensuring a personalised client focused approach from your highly skilled instructor. They work closely with you from your very first session to ensure you feel comfortable in the space and with the equipment, creating a sound base of understanding to build your muscular strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Throughout each class you are provided with options to challenge yourself, or back it off wherever it suits. Each class is customisable to your needs and concerns and your instructor is there to guide you through.

KX Pilates operates on a pay as you go system, no lock in contracts or memberships. It’s designed for modern, active lifestyles where you only pay for what you do. Simple. There’s lots of different pack options to choose from, each with their own unique financial and time benefits to use them.

KX Pilates is all accessible online, with an easy to navigate website and KX Pilates App. Once you have created a client account, you can select your home studio of “KX Pilates North Adelaide” you can view the schedule, purchase class packs, refer your friends and even sync your bookings to your phone calendar.

Situated on O’Connell Street, KX North Adelaide is the ideal central location to incorporate into your regular fitness routine. It is a hop, skip and a jump from metro Adelaide, making it easily accessible to those living or working in the city, or it’s funky outskirts. It also features a shower in the bathroom area, making those quick changeovers to work or the school drop off a breeze. The studio and it’s facilities are the epitome of ease and convenience.

Featuring beginner, intermediate and advanced classes on the schedule, there is something for every fitness level. Bathed with lots of natural light, fresh surroundings, lush greenery and street views from the studio, KX North Adelaide is the perfect backdrop to commit to your self care routine and embark on your health and fitness journey the KX way.

Level 1/46 O’Connell Street, North Adelaide

Nourish and Flourish

Nourish & Flourish Fitness holds majority of classes at their very own studio in Valley View, South Australia.
They have 3 outdoor Fit Mumma sessions per week at Modbury Jets Amateur Soccer Club in Modbury North, with creche facilities available!

Find a class at

Sensible Sleep. Incorporating the Paediatric Sleep & Psychology Clinic

Led by Professor Sarah Blunden, the Paediatric Sleep and Psychology Clinic was established out of an obvious need for specialist paediatric sleep services for diagnosing and treating families with children and adolescents who are experiencing sleep problems. Some sleep problems only last for a while and may be related to something in the child’s life [going to school, divorce in the family, teething etc], but others stay around for months and sometime years. Chronic sleep problems can have long term effects on children’s physical and psychological health.
Sleep problems in children (and adults!) can be largely divided into medical sleep problems (such as sleep apnea, sleep related epilepsy) or behavioural/psychological (such as difficulties getting to sleep or staying asleep, reluctance to go to bed or sleep related anxiety). These latter problems are the type of problem treated by the psychologists at the Paediatric Sleep and Psychology Clinic. The Psychologists use attachment based approaches, advocating for responsive and gentle approaches to improving sleep.

Instagram: thesensiblesleep
Facebook: PaediatricSleepPsychologyClinic
248 Grote St Adelaide, SA 5000
p. 08 8125 4830

Make Time for You with She’s FIT

The 8 Week Empower You Challenge
For women who want to build strength, lose weight and feel great!

The 8 Week Empower You Challenge is Adelaide’s #1 health and fitness program dedicated to helping women make positive lifestyle changes in a community that’s supportive, encouraging and fun!

Be one of twenty women to take up the challenge and…

Create life changing habits
Increase your energy
Decrease your stress
Build strength
Boost your metabolism
Sleep better
Feel better
Love who you are and how you feel!

Find out more at

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