I bet you may not know that Adelaide Zoo is Australia’s second oldest zoo and was opened to the public in 1883 !

The zoo retains many of its original buildings, garden design and features, some of which are state heritage listed places… and over so many years the Zoo has evolved to be one of Adelaide’s most iconic attractions and only metropolitan Zoo.

If you have not ventured to Adelaide Zoo in a while or have you to experience this great attraction … you may be surprised to know that Adelaide Zoo is home to more than 2,500 animals and 250 species and not too mention so many special interactive experiences.

If the Adelaide Zoo is planned…set aside almost a day of exploring, discovery and lot of fun. It can be a long day with travel, walking and lots of sightseeing so be always be prepared to stay longer and pack extra snacks, water and sunscreen as there is something around every corner to see and do.

Adelaide Zoo offers exciting opportunities for you to get even closer to some of your favourite animal friends. You can join one of the interactive behind the scenes experiences to get up close and personal with the Animals. You could experience the thrill of hand feeding The Giant Pandas, helping hippos with their daily mouth check ,entering the Squirrel Monkey home to feed them or even better being a Zoo Keeper for a day. Many of the Interactive experiences require a booking and may occur an additional fee and all details to plan ahead can be found on their website 

If you would rather take the day as it comes with no pre-planning take advantage of the Adelaide Zoo App! You can have a Have a virtual keeper in the palm of your hand next time you visit with the FREE interactive map.

Adelaide Zoo has become the first Australian zoo to utilise intuitive iBeacon technology which will transform your next visit by pushing information about the zoo straight to your smart phone, iPad or tablet via the FREE WIFI at the Zoo.

The exciting new technology will act as a personal tour guide during your visit to Adelaide Zoo, providing an interactive map featuring information about the zoo, its animals and conservation work at the touch of a button.

If the animals seem to be on a nap schedule, hit Nature’s Playground!

Have fun with nature inspired play equipment suitable for all abilities. The new play space is a wonderful environment where visitors of all ages can let their imaginations run wild, have fun, challenge themselves and explore the natural world.

The Variety Children’s Zoo opened in late September 2019 and is located right near Nature’s Playground and Wisteria Café you can grab a coffee while the kids learn, explore and meet some new animal friends. Complete with areas for children of all abilities to play and explore, everywhere you look something wild is happening: above you? Goats trot overhead. Under your feet? Keep an eye out for the gorgeous brood of friendly chickens and their musical instruments! Click here to read more

The Adelaide Zoo also boasts beautiful landscaping to offer picture perfect gardens and grounds to have picnics or lay in the sun and enjoy your Zoo Experience.

Things to know:
– You can hire Pushers and Wheelchairs  (bonus if the little ones legs start getting tired and there is more to see !)
– Lots of rest and picnic areas
– Public Amenities inc parents rooms and disabled facilities
– Lockers are Available
– Café and Restaurant onsite
– The Adelaide Zoo is open every single day of the year
– To avoid disappointment book an interactive Animal Experience in advance

Fast Facts:
Open 9-530 everyday (yes every day!)

Members – free
Child (4-15) $19.50
Adult (15+) $35.00There’s also a combination of passes you can buy (eg. 2 adults or adults, plus one) so check out the website for more information on prices

Lots of parking options to consider , have a look at all options recommended nearby options on the website

Top Tips:

  • Catch the Pop Eye to the Zoo and enjoy a unique arrival!
  • Pack a Picnic Lunch for a sunny day
  • Bring change for the Animal Feeding Zoo Food
  • Check out the School Holiday Program “Zoocation” for an added value experience