The Adelaide Zoo is a wonderful day out for families of all ages. We have all heard plenty about the Pandas Wang Wang and Funi, and they and their enclosure are surely the centrepiece of our zoo, but there is lots more to enjoy too! Everyone has their own favourite animals, but little kids tend to enjoy the bigger or more active animals including the meerkats, coati, otters, hippo, lions, sealion and all the monkeys. There are lots of great bird exhibits and a walk through avery, a nocturnal section, childrens petting zoo and more!

Throughout the day there are numerous keeper presentations & animal feeding, and during school holidays there are additional events and information sessions with the animals that allow youngsters to get up close and personal with their favourite animals. The zoo is an all access day out with wheelchair ramps, wheelchair hire and toilet access. There is a cafe, shop, and vending machines throughout the zoo and plenty of places to sit and have a picnic to refuel the troops. It really is a fantastic local attraction for all.

I have heard the argument that the Zoo is too expensive, but if you consider buying an annual pass then it’s actually great value – especially for kids under 4 who are free! An annual pass is cheaper than 3 visits in 12 months, which for an adult means that if you went say, once a month for 12 months, that you’d be paying less than $10 per visit. Not only that, but you’ll know that you are helping to contribute to the conservation of a wide range of animal species. Perhaps do what we did and request an annual pass for a family Christmas present from grandparents – it’s a great gift and many are happy to oblidge to see their families take a keen interest in the zoo.

Open: The Adelaide Zoo is open 9:30-5 every day of the year. The entrance is located between Frome Road and Plane Tree Drive near the River Torrens. There is limited pay parking on both sides, and bus numbers 271 or 273 stop directly outside the zoo.

Our Fave Local is the Wisteria Cafe inside the zoo as proceeds feed back into the zoo expenses.