5, 4, 3, 2 ,1…………..Hey Adelaide, are you ready to get excited about space?
The Australian Space Discovery Centre (ASDC) has landed at in the McEwin Building at Lot Fourteen (North Terrace, Adelaide) and is open to the public! (click here to book your visit now)

The Discovery Centre aims to inspire the next generation of the space workforce with stories of innovation, curiosity and technology. It offers a place for the community to meet and explore the latest innovations in space technologies and where you can learn about Australia’s role in expanding national and international space activities.

The Botanic Gardens tram stop is right outside the door, so public transport is a great option. Entrance is free but bookings are essential as your visit runs in sessions. We were one of the first lucky people through the doors and our older boys loved the hands on learning experience. Younger kids will love the interactive exhibits but older kids will definitely get more out of the exhibits and what they actually mean. Also the centre’s main objective really is to serve the purpose of vocation info for the industry.

A full introduction and briefing takes place in the Mission Control Centre, before moving through to the Space Gallery. It is here where things go hands on and the youthful and enthusiastic staff assist to interpret the interactive displays. Our boys 10 & 11 found it interesting and visually stunning but older children or those with a background interest in space and science will have a better understanding and appreciation for some of the advanced concepts.

The centre even has a dedicated Careers and Information Hub which indicates it really is focused on educating and forwarding Australia’s involvement in space technologies and capabilities. Our favourite station showed how satellites communicate and tasked us with manipulating mirrors and bouncing laser beams from side of the earth around to the receiving station on the other.

At the Space Discovery Centre you’ll find…

The Space Gallery

The Space Gallery celebrates Australia’s contemporary work and excellence in the space sector. The exhibition includes 20 experiences across four different zones.

To Space Explore Australia’s expertise in aerospace and some of our cutting-edge propulsion systems.
On Orbit Discover the unique challenges and opportunities of operating in space.
Space for Australia Learn about Australia’s contributions to the global space industry and how space impacts our everyday life.
Beyond Earth Discover how Australia’s expertise in remote operations will benefit future human spaceflight.

Careers and Information Hub

Showcasing job opportunities in the local space industry and provides opportunities for self-learning as well as staff-guided discovery. It connects visitors with paths to space jobs with a focus on STEM. The hub also covers other space disciplines including art, history, law, and diplomacy.

Mission Control Centre and Theatrette

A multipurpose theatre, looking directly into the Mission Control Centre. Saber Astronautics operates the Mission Control Centre, called the Responsive Space Operations Centre. It provides facilities to control small satellite missions with real-time control and testing.

Endeavour Room

Named after the Space Shuttle Endeavour.  The Endeavour took Andy Thomas, an Australian-born astronaut, to space. It’s a place for the space sector to connect with the public. Programs, meetings, video conferences and events will be held here. 

The Discovery Centre is open to the public from Wednesday to Sunday.
Timed, ticketed sessions run from 10am. The last session starts at 4:30pm. Each session runs for 75 minutes.

The Space Discovery Centre runs some fantastic school holidays programs for kids from 3 years of age through to high school kids who love science – they do book out early, so be quick!

The Australian Space Discovery Centre might be a bit above your children now but it is well worth the visit regardless. It will capture kids imagination, sowing the seed and inspiring them to return again in the future. It is a bold initiative here in South Australia and something we all should be proud of.

Find out more and pre-book your experience at discover.space.gov.au

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