Believe it or not, there are actually YouTube videos for kids don’t have to involve an “unboxing”. We recently stumbled across a great educational YouTube channel called Silly Science with Simon and what makes it even better is he’s based in Adelaide!

Simon is going to share some of his silly, fun, safe science experiments you can do at home with the kids. You can check them out here on this page, or jump over to Simon’s YouTube Channel here to see them all.

We’ll be uploading our favourite ones here so be sure to check back for new videos.

Super Soaking Polymer magic trick

Science and a magic trick only using one item?! Say no more! Simon from Silly Science is back and this week is showing us how to entertain the kids using just a nappy and some water.

Make your own Ice Cream

Kids eating ALL the snacks during the holidays? Why not follow Simon from Silly Science with Simon and get them to DIY their own Ice Cream? An activity and a snack, how’s that for some school holiday multi-tasking?

Make a Toilet Roll marble run

Need a way to entertain the kids during lockdown? Running low on supplies? This marble run only uses toilet rolls, pop sticks and straws. Let the kids loose and see what epic marble runs they come up with!


Make your own Bath Bombs

Looking for a way to make bath time for the kids a little more fun? Why not DIY bath bombs?!

Write a secret message with invisible ink

This is such a fun and easy activity to do with the kids, and will keep them entertained for hours!

The Spider Prank

Looking for an easy prank? Arachnophobes look away now!

Make your own Sherbet

Simon from Silly Science with Simon is back, and this time with a recipe to make your own Sherbet with just 4 ingredients!

Glow in the Dark Marble Run

Yikes!! These toilet rolls just keep piling up at our house 😮 Lucky we can use them to make this awesome glow-in-the-dark marble run!! Woah!

Skittles Art

This fun and colourful science experiment is sure to brighten your day! And you only need Skittles and water 🙂 sweet!

Fireworks in a Jar!

Want to see some fireworks, but can’t wait until New Years Eve ? Then why not make your own?! All you need is a jar, water, food colouring and vegetable oil 🙂

How To Make A Kaleidoscope

What can you make with some reflective paper, cardboard, paper towel rolls, plastic, glue and coloured beads? Um, probably a few things… as that’s a lot of stuff 😛 But in this episode, Simon is going to show you how to make a kaleidoscope!

DIY Lava Lamps

Watch out!! The floor is lava! Oh wait, it’s just a whole heap of lava lamps made in this episode 11 types of lava lamps go head-to-head to see which one is the coolest 😀 This is your ultimate guide to DIY lava lamps! In this episode Simon shows you how to make your own lava lamp and also explain how they work.

Best Recipe for DIY Bouncy Balls!

Move over slime……DIY Bouncy Balls are in da house. Watch how Simon works out how to make THE BEST bouncy balls using ingredients you probably have lying around the house already (or hidden away under lock and key from your slime days)

3,2,1 BOOM! Pop Stick Chain Reaction

Pop sticks are a lot of fun when they’re covered by an ice block 🙂 But twisting them together to make these exploding chain reactions is even more fun! I even added some Star Wars Lego to a few of the chain reactions for added effect!!

Make Your Own Rainbow Density Column

Not only is sugar great for eating straight out of the bag, but you can also use it to make a rainbow density column! All you need to do is mix the right amounts of sugar with the right amounts of water and food colouring 🙂

Make Your Own Giant Bubbles!

How to make a bubble wand and a simple bubble mix recipe for some super-sized bubbles! They’re unbelieva-bubble!

Robot Art!

Scribbles can turn a blank piece of paper into a work of art, and only cost me $15. Winning!

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