Lets face it, some times we all need a bit of creative help and sometimes if you just get the kids started, or the activities out that have been pushed to the back of the cupboard or shed, the kids will play for ages.

Here is our list. What’s on yours?

How's when you turn your entire bedroom into one huge sheet cubby! #kidsinadelaide #cubby #kidsroom

Posted by Kids In Adelaide on Tuesday, December 13, 2016

1. Make a Cubby

Indoors or outdoors, use something as the base, like bunk beds, a table, four chairs, the trampoline or even the lounge pulled out a bit from the wall. Suggested items: blankets, quilts, bean bag, sheets, pegs, torch, fairy lights. Maybe it’s the weekend and they can sleep out in there? Lastly all good cubby’s need a door and a sign with conditions of entry.

2. Chalk On The Driveway

If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor area, a driveway, or even a quiet footpath, a tub of chalk can be a godsend. Make obstacle courses, bike paths, hop scotch, draw clocks, and practice reading the time, write kind community messages, play hang man, write names and letters, draw pictures and patterns or write a kind message. Best part you just hose it away or wait for a rain.
Sidewalk chalk is a bit tricky to find at the moment but we’ve found a great pack of 24 colours available online from Little Bags of Magic for just $13.95 >> shop here

3. Home Day Spa

Who doesn’t love a massage or foot rub? Trust me the boys will love this as much as the girls, but it does require your participation. Set up a spa bed (kitchen table, lounge or floor with towels a plenty). Get as carried away as you like. Dim lighting, relaxing music, flowers floating in water, warm the towels in the dryer for full luxury. Warm face washers and olive oil mixed with caster sugar for facials. Sorbelene or mild oils for massages. Perhaps you can add some essential oils or diffuse some if you are into that. You could add a coconut oil hair treatment, nail painting – the options are endless.

4. Outdoor Potions & Mud Pies

Go on, let them get messy. Give them scissors (and supervise the young), some bowls or old containers, something to stir with, access to some water, plus some sand / dirt and access to grass or a garden that they can ‘snip’ from. Some times we walk to the park and collect leaves and a few clippings to bring home first. Or maybe you have a kind neighbour that might let you pick a few flowers. lavender, rosemary and leaves are our favourites. My kids actually just love sitting on the lawn cutting it.

5. Gold Class at Home

Indulgent snacks, quilts, pillows, recliner chairs possibly, drinks in a fancy cup, homemade popcorn, nut sundae, a mattress on the floor. Treat the family to a Google Play new release, Netflix or a good old DVD. Dim the lights and fancy it up a bit.

6. Footy / Sport on the TV / Net

Going to the footy (or any sport) is nice. Watching it home on TV is comfy AND nice. Pulling up a cracking past grand final or favourite game highlights from past seasons is getting us by. Just. Plan your favourite footy snacks or dinner. We did hot dogs and hot chips and put our footy gear on today. Have kick of the footy (or shoot some hoops if basketball is your jam) in the breaks. Make some guessing games like first to score, winning margin, number of possessions and the winner gets out of their chores for the week. If it is international sport you are watching – cook to that culture.

7. Run an Art Class

Or help older kids google some ‘how to’ videos. There are some fantastic simple drawing videos online that kids will get hooked and following along. Here are a few ideas on our website https://kidsinadelaide.com.au/category/play/art-and-craft/

8. Autumn Crafts

We actually recently published some really neat autumn crafts. maybe take a walk or a special Adelaide Hills drive first to collect some colourful leaves. Chec out our suggestions here: https://kidsinadelaide.com.au/autumn-craft-for-kids/

9. Kids Cooking

Get the kids in the kitchen. Sure, the younger they are the more patience it requires. What can you make from scratch? Bread? Butter? Yogurt? Get them helping with dinner or baking biscuits and muffins is always popular. Older kids can be given a budget and have to meal plan, and cook. You can even let them do the leg work at the supermarket, ensuring they stay in budget from the age of about ten. Here are some recipes we enjoy https://kidsinadelaide.com.au/category/eat/recipes/

10. Make an Obstacle Course – Floor is Lava

You can literally use any thing. Got hoops? Boxes to jump over, balls, stones, things to climb, throw, roll under, skip across. Use the garden hose as a ‘balancing beam’ to walk along, an old pillow case as a jumping sack, throw in an egg and spoon (or ball), chalk to make pit stops.

11.Scrub with a Toothbrush

Sounds a bit crazy right, but my kids will scrub grout in the shower with an old toothbrush. I’m talking scrub for Australia. I have no idea why they like it. They get a two minute extension on their four minute shower if they will do it properly, and honestly, they LOVE it. I have not yet worked out how to make this appeal for toilet cleaning.

12. Plant Veggies

So much fun, educational and doesn’t need to cost the earth. From a few small pots to fully blown plot’s, gardening with kids is really rewarding and they might even start eating some new things! Bang in some lettuce seeds and spinach, two of the quickest things we grow, as well as plant some carrots and prepare your pots / soil now for your winter garden in the next month or two. Here is some more info on gardening with kids

13. Scavenger Hunt

Could be a hunt for the wifi password, could be a set of small helpful tasks they do to unlock rewards or could be a list of things they need to simply find and tick off. Use pictures for little kids. Give clues. If you have a kid safe electronic device (ipad in a good sturdy cover etc) let them take photos of things on a list, eg a cloud that looks like something, something smaller than a 5 cent coin, something blue, something higher than the roof the options are endless.

14. Charity Clean Out

Have a charity clean out. Toys, clothes that don’t fit, old books etc. Pick a charity like Treasure Boxes SA and donate, knowing that you are helping less privileged or vulnerable families and kids. Don’t want to donate? Maybe there are a few items you can advertise on line for a few bucks.

15. This Family’s Got Talent

Everyone needs to plan a performance of sorts for the family. It could be telling a story, singing a song, playing an instrument, doing a dance, teaching a trick, showing some magic. Get the kids to design a program and running sheet. Honestly, google ‘easy magic trick’ there are some rippers that barely take any practice at all. You can vote on them and score – or not.

16. Games

Dust off the board games, teach the kids charades, kick their butts in uno (no letting kids win here), play a video game together, get the lawn games out or grab an old fashioned pack of cards. We love pass the ace, sevens, crib, hand and foot and cheat. If your Grandma didn’t teach you – Dr Google can. I’ll also admit my ten year old is pretty handy at black jack, it is amazing for counting skills and she has zero idea it is a gambling game. Remember lots of libraries loan games.

17. The Many Variations of Hide and Seek

Oldie but a goodie and sometimes we just need reminding of the simple stuff. Well, my husband does. Mix it up with ‘Sardines’ or ‘Storm the Lantern’ and a bit different but ill just bang it here any way, ‘Stuck in the Mud’ ‘Red Rover and ‘Whats the time Mr Wolf’….wow where am I pulling this from, that’s not even closely related – ah well. Set safe boundaries and rules, especially for the hiding games.

18. Act Out a Book

Yep act out your child favourite book, or help them to do it. Throw in some dress up’s or music and you are sorted.

19. Make a Tik Tok (or just learn one) with Tweens and Teens

I’m not suggesting they have their own access and yes you get to decide what is and isn’t age appropriate. It’s a notoriously random app in my opinion and I have found loads of horrifying content on there, but I have it on my phone and very occasionally will look at it with my ten year old daughter. We learn a dance (badly), laugh a lot and my bladder usually fails me. Yay. But it’s fun and they will love you for it. Just be safe and all that and make the decisions and set the boundaries that are right for your family.

20. Virtual Tour a Zoo

Did you know that you can take virtual tours of some of the worlds most famous zoos? from your lounge. San Diego has a great one with some kids learning sections as well. Check it out here https://kids.sandiegozoo.org/videos

21. Musical Jars & Musical Instruments

Grab some drinking glasses or old bottles or jars and fill them to different levels with water. Line them up and make music by tapping them with metal spoons. It could be their first rock band? You can also make shakers easily with rice and pasta in plastic bottles or containers and don’t even get me started on the options for drums! I wonder if I can still play the spoons? Affirmative, just checked.

22. Jigsaw Puzzles

We LOVE an ongoing puzzle on the table in our house. There is something about all contributing. Younger kids love puzzles too, get them from your library, swap with friends or paint on cut up cereal boxes and cut into home made puzzles. Haven’t got any and can’t get out to pick one up – there are online puzzles these days too!

23. Picnic Dinner

Could be in your backyard, could be in the boot of your SUV backed up to the beach. Rug up if it is cool and try something totally out of the ordinary for picnic food! Take a thermos of spaghetti bolognaise or a big warm container of fried rice. Don’t forget something to sit on, some digging gear or beach games.

24. Mandala’s / Sandala’s on the Beach

Finds some sticks (long is good, less bending over) and head to the beach for a creative Mandala drawing session in the sand. It’s all about pretty repetitive patterns and creative drawing. Check out Sue Norman Artist Facebook Page for some inspo. Our whole family love this activity. Stacking rocks and beach combing for shells is also a great activity. Write your name in rocks. Write some on a birthday message, or use your stick and write a big long story along the water line in the sand! I wonder who can find the smallest perfect shell. Fan shells are our fave.

25. Rock Painting / Hiding

Check out the SA Rocks Facebook page and decorate some special rocks and hide them in a public place like a park, bike track or public garden. Use the page to hunt for some your self. It gets addictive and gets the kids outdoors in the fresh air.

26. Write a Letter

Every one knows some one that you could write a letter to don’t they? Any one else guilty of never posting their kids letters? Pen pals have become a bit of a thing of the past, but all kids love receiving mail. Try to write to some one who will write back. Grandparents often have the time to reply. Write to your local hospital, teacher or supermarket and thank them for their tireless efforts.

27. Creative Writing

Write a story. Illustrate it too. Perhaps every family member can add a chapter and a plot twist? Share it over dinner.

28. Cardboard Box Cars

Boxes can be used for a lot of creative fun. Rockets, toy beds, dolls houses, box cities and our favourite, cardboard box cars. you can simply add some lights and wheels with a texta, or get really creative and add a paper plate steering wheel, cardboard wheels, a seat, wind shield and some string over the shoulder straps so as your little person can run around wearing their car and you don’t have to bend over and push them around!

29. Skim Rocks

Ok, so you DO need to head out, but it shouldn’t be hard to keep the recommended social distancing, and we figure fresh air and some sunshine has to be healthy right? So if you are headed on a walk or a ride to the beach, lake, pond or river – teach the kids to skim a rock! Can you even do it? Teach the kids to be responsible and always ensure no one is standing in front of them or any where they might cop a misguided skim.

30. Science Experiments

So much fun to have here. Could be as simple as vinegar and bicarb fizz (add some colour) to slightly more complex science-y fun. Check out our mate Silly Science with Simon here: https://kidsinadelaide.com.au/silly-science-with-simon/

31. Teddy Bears Picnic

Grab the dolls, Teddy Bears and a towel or picnic rug and host a teddy bears picnic with all of the kids favourite toy friends. Add some music and essential fairy bread, maybe a few cushions and hats if you are outdoors and pop on some Patsy Bisco – at least that’s what I used to do back in the umm….early eighties. Oh jeeze, just checked and Patsy is actually on Spotify – how awesome, my kids are in for a TREAT today!

32. No Bake Play Dough

Preschoolers (and bigger kids) LOVE Play Dough. you can google some really easy ‘no bake’ recipes and don’t be fooled, I have made it a hundred times with out cream of tartar. Try adding soft colours, textures and even essential oils. If you don’t have cutters and fun tools, use a butter knife, fork and plastic cup. Here are some of our go – to’s https://kidsinadelaide.com.au/easy-playdough-recipes/

33. Car Maintenance

Use unplanned time at home to tech your kids the basics of car maintenance. If you have a car, you should probably know some easy stuff like, checking the oil, water and other fluid levels. Checking the tyre pressure, changing the windshield wipers before winter, and while you are at it maybe they could help give it a clean and vacuum? All kids should also learn how to kick a tyre ha ha.

34. Balloon Volleyball

We actually call it ‘balloon bop’ and the balloon can not touch the floor. Balloons are cheap and always fun. Note to Dads please warm up your hamstrings before joining in. Could also be ‘Balloon Floor is Lava’.

35. Parkour Course

Similar to an obstacle course but perhaps more physical with a few somersaults, jumps rolls and climbing thrown in, plus we think parkour should be timed, because #competitive. Base it around your Funky Monkey Bars or outdoor play equipment and yard, throw down some cushions for leaping and landing too.

36. Toy Bath

Let the kids take a bath and dump in the Duplo/Lego or toys that could use a clean and won’t be damaged getting wet. Give them a cloth or soft brush and get them to polish it up a bit. Lay out an old towel so and place the items to dry safely and properly. Failing the need to clean LEGO, let them play with some Tupperware and spoons in the water.

37. Learn to Iron

Did you know most ironing boards can be lowered for short people. Like an 8yo short person? Teach some safety and let them iron some non delicate fabrics. Trust us you’ll be loving it when they are 10 and can do their own school uniforms, and in our experience they think it’s a bit of fun to help.

38. Elastics

This game is long forgotten by many, but it is a heap of fun. Make up your own chants and songs. We jut bought a 2.5m bit of elastic at Spotlight, but I am sure for a few bucks you could also buy an elastic for the purpose on line.

39. Write a Rap, Song or Poem

Come up with a rap, song or poem about the members of your family. My kids like to beat box into old paper towel rolls. Sometimes swear words slip out in our house (oops). I’m sure my five year old was beat boxing ‘chickafucka, chickafucka, chickafucka’ the other day while the ten year old sang about being hungry after school, but I couldn’t quite pin it on her. Any way, swears aside, it is really fun. Help them make a beat by tapping on the table and starting them off. Go on, no one is watching.

40. Make a Paper Boat

Float it in the bath, pool or hand basin. Blow it along with a straw.

41. Paint with Water

‘Paint’ outside fences, walls or concrete with water. can you write your full name before the first letters disappear? Can you paint a colourless rainbow? Or a picture of a car? The alphabet maybe?

42. Picnic at Home

Let them eat lunch or a snack some where different. Maybe in the opened boot of a car (if you have a wagon), maybe on the trampoline or the front step. My kids like to climb a ladder and eat a snack on the house roof. You can tell me that’s questionable parenting and I’ll tell you it’s calculated risk taking with parental supervision. I’ll also point the finger directly at Grandpa, who started this.

Leaf Rubbings

43. Texture Rubbings

Using crayons or pencil, rub over coins, or leaves or fly screens or pretty much any thing. See how many different things they can find to rub over. Can you identify the rubbings later?

44. Float or Sink

Let the kids have a bucket of water. Who doesn’t love water play? See if they can work out twenty things that float and twenty things that sink. Spoiler alert, phones don’t float so hold yours close.

The kids loved the dressups

45. Make Up & Dress Up’s

Do you keep a dress up box? I don’t mean of fancy pre- made costumes. I mean old dresses, glasses and hats, scarves and high heels, bags and beads. Cheap to make from an op shop and keep in a box. Then help them do some fun make up or if kids are older let them go for it. Let them do your make up or Dads make up. Nothing is more fun than a dad who is brave enough to lt their kid go to town on them with an old (but clean) lip stick.

46. Press Flowers

You don’t even need a flower press, just a couple of books will do. Pop some small flowers like daisy’s in between baking paper (pref not the grease proof type) or paper towel, apply some pressure such as heavy books or under heavy box and check in two weeks time. Might make a nice gift card if you glue it on? Or a book mark for Mothers Day?

47. Sock Puppets

Make some sock puppets. Sew on button eyes, or stick on if you have any. Make a puppet show in a box or behind the lounge or under the kitchen table.

48. Make up Code

Can you write your name in code? Or some secret messages and notes in code? Just make the code up! Perhaps use numbers for letters or colours for words? Write some messages to each other and try to ‘crack them’.

49. Jobs List

Get the kids to write a list of jobs that they are capable of and prepared to do for a bit of lemonade bottle change or the privilege of wifi or a movie etc. Wash the car = ice creams on Sunday. Unpack the dishwasher daily, you can keep a netflix profile in your name. Display the lists some where prominent and hold up your end of the deal.

50. Play Travel Agents

This one is for older kids say 10 yo? Give them a pretend budget for a domestic holiday. Tell them where you want to go and how many nights. Get them to plan it, price it including flights, accommodation, activities and meals. They need to itemise what they have spent and detail the airline, flights and activities.

51. Make ALL the Cards

Grab the calendar and pre make, decorate and write in cards for upcoming birthday’s, special events or celebrations. Young kids can colour and draw or trace over dotted letters words. You can even make envelopes!

52. Thank a Community Hero

Write a note of thanks to a community hero. Might be your local fire station or just some one who is always giving to benefit others. We are sure that your local police station, doctor surgery, sports club or CFS etc would get a real kick out of it. You could even write to your local supermarket team – far out they are under the pump right now and we would be lost with out their tireless work.

53. Podcasts & Quiet Time

There are so many wonderful free podcasts and meditations online. Enforce a daily rest period and have a listen. We love But Why, Fierce Girls and Rebel Girls however the options are endless. We also have a curiosity around a newer one that we have seen, Squizz Kids – it’s Australian and news for kids.

54. Sew

Teach kids to sew on a button! Or to sew any thing. Maybe you can find a cross stitch or make pom poms or a tom boy or if you have a sewing machine make a special pillow or some dolls / teddy clothes.

55. Paper Planes

You can easily research some simple folds and then have a competition to see what you can make and who’s will fly the furtherest distance. Watch the movie too, it’s a cracker for kids 5 years old and up. Check out www.foldnfly.com for some great online folding instructions

56. Do Something Kind

Set the kids a challenge to do five kind things for some one else in their day, with out telling any one about it. Get them to tell you at dinner time what those things were.

57. Pasta Necklaces

Use some string or yarn and make a good old pasta necklace. Great for the fine motor skills, now, if only there was pasta on the shelves at the shops.

58. Rice Shakers

Put rice in any thing from a balloon to a Tupperware container to an old bottle or milk container. Shake up a storm to your favourite tunes. Some masking tape is always a good idea to keep lids secure.

59. Dance Off

Every family member picks an upbeat song. Cue the play list and dance your hearts out. No holding back and no stopping until you make it through every ones song. It’s a great way to burn energy and also a fun way to get out of bed in the mornings.

60. Chatterbox

Make a chatterbox or two! What creative or funny questions answers and options can you put under the flaps? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGVkIVWJ0i8

61. Ice Blocks, Jellies and Smoothies

All easy to make, fun to involve kids with and delish to eat! It’s essential the kids help clean up, of course they will. Here’s some of our favourite ice block flavours >> kidsinadelaide.com.au/our-fave-homemade-ice-block-recipes

62. Family Tree

Make a simple family tree. Or get as complex as you like. You can even draw or paint and actual tree. Add photos or just names.

64. Matchbox Race Track

Use masking tape on the floor to make an epic car track. Be sure to go under the kitchen table and around some corners and multiple rooms! You can even make pit stops and petrol stations.

65. Ice Hockey

Ok this one is a bit silly. Grab one cube of ice at a time from the freezer. You need two players minimum but four would work on a square or round table. Using the back of teaspoons as your ‘hockey stick’ flick the ice to the opposite end of the table. The aim being to get it past the opposing player an on to the floor. You can’t block with hands, only the back of your spoon. Prepare for a few small pools of water on the floor. Out door table might be good? Or a long kitchen bench?

66. Draw Yourself Full Size

Using a roll of butchers paper (Ikea have good cheap rolls) get the kids to lay on a length of paper long enough to draw around each other. Then draw or paint clothes on and label as many bones, muscles and body parts as they can. Alternatively, just draw around your torso and out stretched arms and post it to grandparents as a ‘hug’.

67. Marble Run

Make the longest marble or ball run that you can. How tricky can you get? Can some one video it? Send it to us and we will show off your mad skills.

68. Stick Words

Take a local nature walk, collect small sticks and twigs. Can you write your name? Can you make stick people? Use leaves too if you need to.

69. Tin Can Phone

Save some cans (we often have tomato, beetroot and corn cans, but any kind) and with an adults help string them together with minimum 5 meters of twine or string and lean how vibration carries. Wow the iPhone really is incredible by comparison. When you are done, modify the string and use the cans to walk on as stilts! You will need tools such as a screw driver and hammer to punch holes in the cans for this one.

70. Measure Up

Get older kids to measure the area and perimeter of your rooms, yard or home. Can they map it? They can also measure things like your height or the length of your bed in various non standard units of measurement. Also while we are measuring things, get them to check if their foot is the same length as their wrist to elbow, and if their height is the same length as their full arm spam finger tip to finger tip too!

71. Silent Sixty

Be silent for sixty minutes. Every one in the house. Not a peep. Set a count down timer. Can you do it? Maybe there is a prize – winner gets out of chores for the following day? Will you have to start over if some one breaks the rule? Could be in for a nice quiet day. It took us two and a half hours. to achieve.

72. Pantry Alphabet

Get the kids to go all ‘Marie Kondo’ and put your spices in alphabetical order. They could do it with books or DVD’s too.

73. Bird and Bug Graph

Graph the different types of birds and bugs that you can find in your yard, street or close by local park. How often do you see them. Who is frequenting you the most? Search on line for things like ‘backyard bird count’ or ‘what’s in your backyard’ initiatives.

74. Karaoke

Lean all of the words to a song that was written before you were born. Then drive every one insane with it.

75. Mindful Minutes

Sit silently for fifteen minutes. Write down every noise you hear. What did it sound like, what was it? Could you identify it? Do it inside, then out side.

76. Shoe Shine

Time to learn to clean your shoes. Out doors is good. Could be as easy as a damp cloth, or a wax sponge. It might be an easy rub on squeeze bottle of polish or go full old school and set up a shoe shine seat, buff, polish wax and shine……or something like that. Make a sign if your shoe shine stand is open and send us a picture!

77. Auslan

Using the internet (unless you are lucky enough to know some one who can teach you) learn five simple things like greetings or actions in Auslan. Practice and check, practice and check and then teach some one else.

78. Magic Trick

Lean a magic trick, practice and show some one. There are coin tricks easy enough even for my five year old to convincingly pull off. Here are a few to get you started https://www.care.com/c/stories/4051/10-easy-magic-tricks-for-kids/en-au/

79. Map your Trips

Draw or trace a map of Australia, South Australia, just your city or perhaps the world if you are well traveled. Map the main countries, cities, places of interest that you know and ALL of the places that you have ever visited. My kids have never been overseas, but they have done a little bit of domestic travel.

80. Posters

Have the kids make posters and condition of entry signs for their bedroom doors. No doubt it will get ridiculous, but hey, they are kids. Example, unless you are ten years old or a Port Power player (nope we don’t know any) you can not currently enter my ten year old’s room.

81. Take a Typing Test

Teens and tweens can learn to touch type. We just had a whole lot of competitive fun taking typing speed tests here https://www.typingtest.com/ OF COURSE Roxy won. Competitive much?

82. Yoga

Practice some yoga. There are loads of easy to follow options online. One example is https://www.cosmickids.com who have a two week free trial. Honestly, I haven’t tried it, but it came recommended. I don’t think it is Australian and there are likely good (better?) free vids on YouTube.

83. Learn a Card Trick

This post comes fresh off the back of Adelaide Fringe season and the kids in our team are hot on acrobatics and magic right now. Learn a card trick kids, it’s safer. Flash it around!

84. Virtual Tour The Great Wall of China

From the comfort of your own device, you can virtual tour a lot of places, we recently checked out The Great Wall of China, you can too here: https://www.thechinaguide.com/destination/great-wall-of-china

85. Make Leaf Confetti

At the time of writing we are just starting Autumn. Take a walk, collect some fallen leaves or leaves of all colours and using a hole punch make a huge bowl of ‘leaf confetti’. Throw it around, glue it to paper or craft projects or keep it for the next wedding!

86. Learn to Play the Spoons

We have just had St Patricks Day and it has motivated us to pull two dessert spoons out of the kitchen draw and click up a tune! Even kids can lean this talent in about ten minutes and a bit like riding a bike, once you know, you don’t seem to forget. Make sure your spoons are metal and are the same size. Here is one tutorial for kids and teachers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0Tp8-NjsvM

87. Domino Run

Make the longest, windiest domino run that you can. Can you make it multi level? Can you make a spiral? Can you incorporate other items that are not dominoes, like books or any thing that you can stand and knock over? What about a marble run?

88. Make Vouchers

Make and exchange vouchers for kind or helpful things that you can do for each other. For example an older sibling might give a voucher to a younger sibling allowing them a sleep over in their room. A younger sibling might give a neck rub or back tickle or do the chores for their brother or sister.

89. Virtual Tour The Worlds Best Museums

We recently posted this to our Facebook page, from the comfy lounge in your own digs, you can take a peak inside some pretty important world museums. Where would you like to go today to enrich your knowledge of world art and history? Find them here: https://www.travelandleisure.com/attractions/museums-galleries/museums-with-virtual-tours

90. Explore Google Maps

Do you kids know where you geographically live? Have you ever explored your streets Birdseye view on Google Maps? Perhaps fly (scroll) to school, talk about the roads, find Grandma and Grandpas House, the footy oval, the local shops, the coast? Even our little kids like following a map in the car and we figure its better than requests for mindless shows and games.

91. Camp in The Backyard

Maybe you have a tent (or can borrow one), maybe you have a trampoline? Take a night light, prepare for a few mozzies and rug up with warm sleeping bags and quilts. Will they make it the whole night? Check out our backyard camping blog here: https://kidsinadelaide.com.au/backyard-camping/

92. Star Gazing App

Drag out a chair or lay out a blanket quilt and pillows, download a free stargazing app and research popular constellations. We like Sky View (free from istore and also available for android) App Store Here Android Here

94. Make an iMovie

Make an iMovie, add sound effects and of course credits listing the stars of the show and the producers.

95. Create a Time Capsule

Write down your current interests, age, the date. Pop in a current newspaper or magazine, some photos. It really is such a notable time in history, journal it.

96. Make a Sun Dial

Ok, we haven’t done this one, but have always wanted to. surely all you need is a stick or something? We have had a look and ok it’s a bit more involved than just a stick but this information will get you started: https://cms.qut.edu.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0017/24092/create-sundial-teacher-worksheet.pdf

97. Check in on Elderly Neighbours

Perhaps drop a note in their letter box. Offer to pick up milk or bread for them, bake them something or take care of their wheelie bins. Offer them your phone number and tell them they can pass it on to their other family members. We gave our beautiful 94 year old neighbour a red sheet of card and a green sheet of card. If she is ok, the green is sitting in her window. If she needs something, the red is in the window and we knock on the door or check her letter box for a note. Remember old people are high risk with illness so keep a safe distance.

98. Replicate A Famous Painting

You guys know we love Brush Party Australia. We just watched Caroline and her young daughter recreate an easy Monet style painting. Check out how here

Get yourself up and moving this morning with some PE from Joe!30min YouTube workouts Monday to Friday. Great for the whole family. Is anyone is SA doing something similar? We’d love to know about it. And if not, please someone do!There’s a whole bunch of homeschooling and at home play ideas on our website. https://kidsinadelaide.com.au/apps-and-online-resources-for-homeschooling/#pewithjoeThe Body Coach

Posted by Kids In Adelaide on Tuesday, March 24, 2020

99. Get Physical

Practice cartwheels, handstands and somersaults. Have a push up, chin up or sit up competition. Take a ‘PE with Jo’ class on YouTube as a family – we are hooked! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGKGNzNbWjU

100. Collage & Paper Mache

Make a collage from old catalogues. Trust the kids with scissors and glue . Get them to stick to a theme, colour, food items, words. You could draw a big picture that they need to fill in. OR make some flour and water glue and paper mache a balloon. Take your time and several layers over several days, allowing it to dry completely, then pop the balloon. You can paint the shell!

That’s it! 100 ideas. We think its the only list you will ever need!

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