Bust out the fairy lights, whether you’re seasoned campers who are sad to be missing your annual camping pilgrimage, or it is your first attempt at sleeping under the Southern Cross, any adventurous family looking for something fun to do in the confines of their own homes should consider backyard camping! You can likely still enjoy the same stars, the same arguments and the same rank farts that the Dads seem to drop the minute the tent is all zipped up for the night #hotboxed

It’s actually surprising how little gear you need. If you have a tent, great. If you don’t, maybe you can sleep on the trampoline, in the cubby or in the boot of your car if you have a wagon? (Unless your children are actually my children, they are wild animals I tell you and letting them sleep in your car would in-fact be a bloody terrible idea.) Scratch that, lets assume we all have a tent or have managed to borrow one for the sake of this blog.

No tent, no worries

Things to consider

  • What is the weather forecast?
  • What basic equipment have you got?
  • Are you all sleeping out or just the kids (age and experience dependant)
  • Are you having meals at your camp site too or just sleeping?
  • What games / entertainment do you need?
  • How extensive will your set up be? Chairs, mattresses/air beds, quilts, sleeping bags, pillows, shade (esky?..lol you were all thinking it)
  • What are you ‘allowed’ back in the house for? Toilet, kitchen, sneaky netflix once the kids go to bed, nothing……?
  • Will you call it quits and move inside at a set time if no one has slept?
  • Have your kids slept outdoors before?
  • Is technology allowed?

On arrival to your back yard, plan out your time. Every one helps set up and decides a bit of a schedule for games, eating, maybe a quick run or bike ride around the block (….social distancing please) then it might be time to brush your teeth with the hose and perhaps settle in for some star gazing and charades or a family game of storm the lantern.

Will you pack some story books to read? Do you have a fire pit or can you make a pretend fire in a bucket or on a matt? Get as creative as you like, hell throw in a fishing rod or two (please remove the hooks or jig……what’s that movie when he cops a squid jig in the lip? Something About Mary?)

Backyard camping is a great time to slow cook on coals on your Weber. Perhaps toast some marshmallows after or better again make some s’mores.

We love the free app SKY GUIDE down load it HERE for Apple and SKY VIEW down load HERE for Android

April is usually mild weather and the weekend is looking pretty clear with cool evenings. Make sure you have enough bedding to keep warm the whole night. Pack a torch and water bottles minimum. Don’t forget the favourite sleep teddy!

No backyard, no worries! How about a balcony bunker? A veranda va-cay? A Patio PJ Party or just build a kick arse fort under the kitchen table or with the lounge cushions and some sheets and sleep in there.

Last but not least, set your expectations for actual sleep low and happy backyard camping 2020!

Do you need mozzie repellent or coils?