October 22 – 28, 201

What is it?

The Aussie Backyard Bird Count aims to engage communities in the natural world while getting to know the birds in your local area through participation in a simple, fun, all-ages activity that can be done anywhere. By taking part in the Aussie Backyard Bird Count kids will become citizen scientists.

By participating in the Aussie Backyard Bird Count, you will be helping BirdLife Australia find out about the common species that live where you live. Providing a snapshot of Australian birds at the same time each year allows us to look at the trends in our bird communities from year to year. This is important because it’s these more common species that give us the best indication of the health of the environment – think of birds as a barometer for nature!

How do you get involved?

All you need is 20 minutes, your favourite outdoor space, and some keen eyesight.

Simply record the birds you see on our Aussie Bird Count app or through the Submit a Count tab at the top of this website. You’ll instantly see live statistics on the number of people taking part and the number of birds and species counted in your neighbourhood and the whole of Australia. Not only will you get to know your feathered neighbours, but you’ll be contributing to a vital pool of information from across the nation that will help us see how Australian birds are faring. You can complete as many counts as you like over the week – so get your friends and family together, head into the great outdoors and start counting!

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