Everyone loves the thrill of a flying fox! There’s nothing better than flying through the air faster than the wind then running back to do it all over and over again! When the slides turn into hot plates in summer the foxes can never let a thrill seeker down. Here are our favourite flying foxes in Adelaide.

Old Gumtree Playground, Glenelg

This popular playground is tucked away in the backstreets of Glenelg making it a great spot to visit after an ice-cream down at the bay. The flying fox has a high thrill factor with a medium length zip line. There is also a disability friendly seat on the flying fox line which we love! Many shady spots and lots of other play equipment to explore.

Bonython Park

The park that has it all. An accessible playground, SAPOL road safety school, ducks and horses, huge green land and of course a DOUBLE 25m flying fox for double the fun with your bestie.

Harts Mill Port Adelaide

A big splash of yellow will lead you to Harts Mill Playground behind the longest continuously serving flour mill in South Australia which operated from 1855 to 1980. A huge rocket slippery slide, epic climbing stations and yes a flying fox that’s fast, fun and will make you go back for more! More suited towards the older kids as its set on a higher platform.

Harold and Cynthia Anderson Reserve

Head west for this playground right on the beach! There is a fish & chip shop only few minutes walk to West Beach Road which makes a perfect early evening on the beach with a great playground. The flying fox is long and fast! A small jolt at the end so you must hold on tight and more ideal for ages 3+

St Kilda Playground

Watch the kids eyes light up when they arrive at St Kilda aka the Disney Land of Playgrounds! A huge castle, epic slides, pirate ship and of course a fabulous flying fox! The flying fox is on the edge of the playground and more for older children however there is a smaller one for the younger ones as well! Winning!

Treeclimb Adelaide

It’s here just in time to make the epic flying fox list! Kids from 3 years old, adults, thrill-seekers, nature enthusiasts and curious adventurers can walk, climb and swing your way around six elevated tree-walk courses and several zip lines within a 16,000-square-metre zone. You seriously need to check out TreeClimb – it is both MASSIVE and IMPRESSIVE and the Flying Fox is perfect for any swinging monkey or Tarzan (older tarzans as a tip).