For those who grew up in Adelaide, you’d probably have been out St Kilda Adventure Playground when you were a kid, but have you been back since 2015?

It’s got all the awesome stuff that I remember from my childhood, and more… and green grass, less dust, water, shade and well, it’s just BIGGER AND BETTER than I remember too!

St Kilda’s huge makeover was completed in 2015 with a brand new metal/mesh 3 storey castle on one hill complete with 3 metal slides a completely renovated ‘Volcano’ with 4 slides on the other hill and in between a whole range of swings, slides, flying foxes, climbing nets and equipment toddlers right up to teenagers will enjoy


  • The HUGE old school metal slide from my childhood is still there, but there are also a bunch of other new metal slides now too – remember to bring your own slippery blanket, hessian sack or similar to slide on if you’re a thrill seeker
  • 1 big BIG flying fox for the older kids, and one smaller one perfect for primary kids. The big one is epic…..possibly the best one in S.A?
  • A completely new metal castle (where the old wooden one used to be) on top of the hill looking out across the whole playground which has a bunch of slides of various heights.
  • A maze
  • Liberty swing and a wheelchair accessible slide,
  • Really big ‘little kids’ play structure with multiple slides, steps, ramps, naughts & crosses,
  • Sandpit diggers,
  • The big old wooden pirate ship down on the water is still there, that the kids can climb into and on,
  • A whole range of swings of all sizes
  • Shade structures, grassed areas, tree planting, mulched garden beds, garbage bins, water fountain, BBQs, toilets and some lighting!
  • The tram stop is now open right at the Playground and I believe the trams will now run again on weekends and holidays from the nearby tram museum.
  • There is a kiosk about 500m away if you need food, drinks and icecreams, plus PLENTY of space for picnics.

We’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking – in short though:  Take the kids, young and old, it’s great!

Open all day, every day!
Find it on St Kilda Rd, St Kilda