Where: Netflix 
When: Now
Bingeability: High – 7 x 45min eps.
Short Version:Oh. My. God. What the hell did my eyeballs just consume
Suitable for Kids: NO NO NO WAY!

How is it humanly possible to describe this insanity? Lets go with this.

Do you enjoy;
True Crime
Nature docos
Jerry Springer
US American reality shows on HayU where people have like 5 wives but its pretty much just a cult.
If you answered yes to one or all of these questions then do I have a show for you. Do I ever.

Tiger King tells the story of quite possibly the most insane group of whack jobs ever assembled on screen at one time. Its sort of like The Avengers…..with meth and tigers.

Focusing on Joe Exotic, who once upon a time owned what can loosely be described as a zoo that housed a bucketload of tigers, but is more accurately described as Jerry Springer with tigers, Tiger King just needs to be seen to be believed.

Don’t get me wrong, Joe is stark raving bonkers, but he is not alone here. Everyone in this show is nuts and a criminal. You will finish this show and realise that you aren’t really rooting for a good or bad guy, but just kind of trying to work out the ranking of ‘Who is the least-bad person in this show’.

A little guide to the main players in this feast for your senses;

Joe Exotic – Has 2 husbands who he sort of keeps as drugged up play things in his backwater ‘zoo’. He also has a Prince Albert. Spoiler alert. But his music clips are a thing of beauty. Whack “Hey Kitty Kitty” into You Tube. You can thank me later.

Carole Baskin – Legitimately insane. Scares the shit out of me. Has eyes like a Great White Shark. Wedding photo had her husband on a leash wearing tiger print. Also Joe Exotic’s mortal enemy because he kept saying she killed her first husband and fed him to a tiger…which I have no doubt she did.

Bhagavan ‘Doc’ Antle – The Harvey Weinstein of the big cat world. Just runs a sex cult where he sort of enslaves young vulnerable women, but apparently its OK because “oh hey look at the tiger cub”. 

Jeff Lowe – Now this is the baddest bad guy. If you hate “dudes who tell their heavily pregnant wives to hit the gym straight after whilst simultaneously searching for “hot nannys” then you will really hate this guy. Pretty sure he totally planned the whole murder too in a plot to steal Joe’s zoo just quietly.

James Garretson – The scene in Ep 7. Him on a jetski for like 2 minutes. Incredible. Openly called himself a federal informant on camera….is probably now dead.

Kelci Saffery – The only person in this whole shitshow that actually cared for the animals. She was a zookeeper who had her arm bitten off by a tiger and was back at work in 7 days. Makes me taking a week for man flu seem a bit soft on reflection. 

John Finlay – One of Joe’s husbands. Has 3 teeth in total. Never wore a shirt for any interview. Rumour is he now has had his teeth done. Look out for the dodgiest tattoo cover up in the history of body art towards the end.

The beauty of this show is that there are a heap of other cast members not mentioned above just ramp up the crazy. Like the Detective and his masks on his wall, or the ‘hired hitman’ who did an interview in a bath. The whole thing is one giant WTF. But you will love it.

5 out of 5 batshit crazy methheads who own a bucketload of tigers.

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