There are A LOT of online learning resources out there and since COVID-19 and homeschooling came along the choice of which ones to try has been a bit overwhelming. We saw the MathsOnline program pop up on Facebook and decided to give their FREE trial a go.

MathsOnline works using the Australian curriculum using online video tutorials to teach maths to primary and secondary aged kids K-12, including Year 11 and 12 general, advanced and extension maths.

We gave it a try with my 7 year old and the first thing we liked is that the tutorials are short (4-9 minutes) and very clear and easy to understand and follow. There’s not too many fancy animations, sound effects and other distractions, they’re short, sharp and shiny. Learning online this way also means you can pause, rewind and reply where you need to. You can go over and over until you get it and work at your own pace. So great for kids who have trouble keeping up in class or are too shy to ask lots of questions or ask for help.

Following each tutorial there is a test or printable worksheet to make sure kids have understood properly what they have just learned. The results are saved to your profile to keep a record of their progress and help to identify areas that might need a bit more work.

The program works on all devices, we used a laptop and also the iPad and both worked well.

Not only is this program a great one to have for our current home schooling situation it would also be a great extra to have for kids who are struggling with maths and need some extra help, kids who are great at maths and need some extension or want to jump ahead a bit and I imagine it would also be a very handy tool for parents who have older kids doing Maths they can’t help with. (coming from the Mum who had to google “non standard partition” today – I feel this will be me!)

There’s lots of further information, testimonials and examples on the MathsOnline website. I’d suggest just signing up for their FREE trial and giving it a go for yourself.

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