Billabong Reserve playground in Para Hills is set in a homely, quiet neighbourhood and is surrounded with a lot of trees and vegetation which partially block it from the road (although it’s not fully fenced in).

The Billabong Reserve playground was new in 2018 and has many different parts to keep the whole family entertained. There is a climbing frame with a couple of small slides and monkey bars.

Nearby there are also 3 different swings, listening horns and even a see-saw ride that an adult could sit on with their child. There’s also a transparent clock for children to explore.

For families who enjoy wide open space to kick a ball, there is also a soccer field with goals at each end.

Kids in Adelaide love the idea of these little community libraries, where you’re encouraged to ‘Give-a-book, Take-a-book’ so remember to bring one along when you visit Billabong Reserve in Para Hills.

With lots of seating, it’s the perfect place for a picnic with the family. There are no toilets or cooking facilities.

Find Billabong Reserve on the corner of Billabong Road and Manooka St, Para Hills.