Pain is a somewhat common presentation in children from early teething pain and immunisation discomfort; to bumps and grazes as children get faster and more adventurous as they grow. As a paediatric podiatrist we see children who are experiencing foot pain for a number of different reasons. Parents will often bring children in, especially school aged children, who are starting to mention foot pain during and after school or sports. Arch pain and heel pain would be some of the more regular presentations, with children often describing aching or sharp pain in these areas when they are running around at recess and lunch or during their chosen sports. As parents you will often hear quite sporadic complaints that you brush off as nothing too much in the first instance, but then the complaints become more regular until you are hearing about them most days. As a paediatric podiatrist we will take a thorough history and examination to diagnose the origin of the pain and apply the most evidenced based and appropriate treatment method.

Other instances of foot pain in children can be due to two very common presentations; ingrown toenails and warts. We would have a handful of both of these complaints coming into the clinic every week. Ingrown toenails are definitely worth getting on top of before they become too inflamed and infected. Whilst they look like a small problem, for anyone who has ever had one, they are hideously painful, more so if they are infected. For most people, even just the thought of someone looking at their ingrown toenail has them sweating with anxiety. An ingrown toenail is absolutely worth showing to your podiatrist, for which there are a number of different treatment and management options that can be offered.

The humble old plantar wart is the result of a virus that children in particular love to share with their peers. We always have a rush of warts into the clinic after the summer school swimming programs when children have been sharing change rooms. The treatment for a plantar wart is actually quite simple and very rarely painful. Your podiatrist is able to help treat plantar warts easily within their clinic with a range of different options.

Whilst these are only three of the more common reasons that your child may be experiencing foot pain, there are a multitude of other conditions and reasons for visiting a credentialed paediatric podiatrist. If you are unsure about whether your child needs to see a paediatric podiatrist or if you are looking to have your child’s feet assessed, then a credentialed paediatric podiatrist is expertly placed to look after your child’s feet.

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