September is global Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and a good time to introduce you to a long-eared member of the local Childhood Cancer Association team …

There’s a small team of professionals – plus many dedicated volunteers – involved with the Childhood Cancer Association. But one of the key members is fluffy and friendly, but doesn’t speak a word. He’s Elliot the dog, and he’s much more than the mascot. He plays a key role as a friend to children with cancer and their families.

Elliot can often be seen out and about at Childhood Cancer Association events. A soft toy Elliot is given to every child who is diagnosed with cancer and referred to the Childhood Cancer Association.

Children (and their siblings) can write letters to Elliot and these can prove to be a valuable tool. Children will quite often share their concerns with Elliot, or ask questions which they may not feel comfortable asking anyone else. ‘Elliot’ responds to all letters.

The book Elliot’s Tips for Brothers and Sisters helps give siblings some understanding about the changes in their family environment and the different emotions they may feel. It includes useful strategies to help them through the cancer experience.

Volunteers help knit Port Adelaide & Crows hoodies for little Elliots. A pattern is supplied, and 100% of funds raised through the sale of Elliots and the hoodies goes to support children with cancer and their families.

During global Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September, there are many ways you can show your support and that includes buying Elliot for a child diagnosed with cancer.

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