Remember how annoying it was to have to pay $100+ a month for Foxtel to watch all the shows and movies you liked? Then how cool it was when Netflix just started and it cost about $5 bucks and had everything in one spot? Those were the days.

Now conveniently all your favourite shows are spread across 712 different streaming platforms, which all cost about $10 bucks a month each. The future hey! What a time to be alive.

And now, more than any other time in history, we have all the time in the world to scroll Insta while some random TV show is on in the background (or is that just me?)

So where do you start? Do you need them all or can you just pick a couple and run with it. Well that’s where we come in. So buckle up, start thinking of 38 different email addresses to set up your multiple free-trials and lets get stuck into it.

Oh and remember, with all the cinemas shutting down, a lot of cinema releases are being moved to the streams waaaaaaay earlier than usual!

Netflix – From $9.99 a month
The OG of streaming  sites and for the time being, the one everyone kind of has to have.
Easy to switch between profiles of different family members, with a setting for kid profiles too, which is handy to stop your 5 year old watching Tiger King.
Personally they still have more top shows and cracking original content than anyone else.

Stan – From $10 a month
To be honest, when Stan lost all the Disney and Marvel content (funnily enough to Disney+), it lost a bit of its status but it does have a huge library of content to scroll through, save to your list and then never get around to watching. Their original content doesn’t hold a bar to Netflix but the library of older shows makes it worth at least a free trial.

Disney+ – $8.99 a month
The next stage in Disney’s plan to take over the world. In a decade we will be using our DisneyDollars to pay for our DisneyFuel before getting lunch at McDisney’s. Disney has an incredible library, with all the Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar and of course the Disney library. The only downside, as one of the newer services, is the lack of original stuff. I mean there is Mandalorian, which is epic, but that is about it. They have big plans for this, especially with Marvel and Star Wars, so this will be a staple in the future.

Prime Video $6.99 a month
This is the ‘do your free trial, watch the one show you like, unsubscribe’ streaming service. Variety is nice but there is a lot of junk here. Remember going to Blockbuster and picking 10 weeklys for $10? This is basically what you get here.

Apple+ $5 a month
This costs bugga all but also has bugga all content. But what it does have, is all original high quality stuff. Less for the kids on this one, but for the parents there are some really good shows. Morning Show, For all Mankind and See are all crackers. Amazing Stories is worth a look too. This can come free for 12 months (that is how I snagged it) if you buy an apple product (iphone, ipad etc).

HayU – $6.99 a month
Do you like reality TV, like to the point where you may have a problem? Well this is the streaming service for you. Get all the Kardashian you eyes can consume in one easy to use app.

Kayo – $25 a month
Sport version of HayU….all the sport your eyes can consume. Sadly at the moment there is no sport on except for Scandinavian Table Tennis, but when all the sports are in action, Kayo is fantastic but it costs more than toilet paper on ebay.

ABC iView – FREE!
Not all great streaming sites have to cost the world. Check out ABC iView is a belter and caters for both kids and adults alike….and its free!

Tenplay, 9Now, 7Plus – All FREE
All your free to air faves in easy to use streaming services. Catch up, watch live, plus a whole lot more!

SBS On Demand – FREE!
Want to get your fix of weird AF docos (there is some fantastic content here) as well as a heap of other great stuff? SBS On Demand is well worth checking out. You may not watch much SBS on free to air, but On Demand is brilliant.

You Tube Premium – $14.99 a month
Haven’t tried this one to be honest so not sure how good it is, but for $15 a month you would expect it to have some reasonable content. Check out the free trial and see how you go!

So there you have it. There are probably some I have missed but those are the main contenders. Personally, we are running Netflix, HayU, Stan (comes and goes this one…just grabbed it for iso), Apple + (Free for 12 months thank you Apple!) and Disney+. Still cheaper than what Foxtel used to be so I guess that is a win. Good luck!

Oh and ps – if you’re after some ideas for movies to watch with the kids check out these top lists from the 80s, 90s and 00s