The Royal Adelaide Show is BACK from 2 – 10 September 2023

It’s one of our favourite Adelaide activities on the calendar each year. With heaps to see and do, from the adorable barnyard animals, agriculture competitions and events, rides, plenty of attractions and of course the Showbags – there really is something to interest everyone!

To help you and your family make the most of The Show, here are our tips for attending this year.

Things to Know Before you Go

  • OPEN/CLOSE TIMES: The Royal Adelaide Show is on from 2 – 10 September (2 full weekends) and opens at 9am every day. The Carnival attractions operate until 11pm daily with the exception of Sunday 10th September when they will close at 10.30pm.
  • FIREWORKS:See the RAA Fireworks each night to close out the Main Arena: 8pm every night and 9pm on Fridays & Saturdays
  • TICKETS: Pre-purchase tickets for a discount and also to avoid lining up on the day. Kids under 5 years are FREE, older children start from $16.50 and adults from $26.00  Click here for all ticket info. Ride Coupons can also be pre-purchased in advance at up to 20% regular prices
  • PURCHASE a few necessary or useful items in advance.  If the weather is looking sketchy maybe buy a few ponchos to take. The Info booths just inside the gates often offer a free, single-use wristband to write your phone number on too.
  • TAKE A PHOTO of your kids before you leave home with and without jackets on, so if god forbid your little one does get lost in the crowd, you can show people or the police their photo with what they are wearing.
  • SHOWBAGS: The Showbag Listing goes up on the Show’s official website on August 17th. Give older kids a budget and get them to choose their Showbags in advance to reduce the stress and any conflict about over-spending on the day. Perhaps even do showbags last to avoid carrying them around – just pick up on your way out. Grab the show bag guide here: or to see some of our favourite showbags for this year scroll to the bottom of this post.
  • PLAN YOUR DAY: There is lots to see, do, eat and play at The Show. To make the most of the day, plan out the highlights with each family member getting to add a few things to the list so that everyone has fun. If you need some inspiration on itineraries check out this link to plan your day.

On The Day

  • SAFETY: Take a photo of each of your children on your phone before you leave the house. In the case you need to find them you will have a photo handy with exact details of what they are wearing.
  • TRANSPORT: Consider taking public transport as the best option for getting to/from The Show with heaps of options such as the Tram and Train stops, plus extra buses. For all options Click Here. If you need to drive, most people aim for Park 22 in the parklands directly North across Greenhill Road from The Showgrounds – alternative parking arrangements can be found here.
  • BYO PRAM: ….and skateboard attachment if you have one because even the most independent kids get tired after a big day walking around The Show. Stroller and wheelchair hire is available onsite for $5/hour plus deposit. Find more details here.
  • LOCKERS: If you have lots of Showbags you don’t want to lug around all day, there are lockers available from $2 for use between 10am – 10pm each day on the southern & western exterior walls of Jubilee Pavilion, near the Atrium Food Court.
  • PACK A DAYPACK: it’s easier to carry than 10 showbags, plus you can pack plenty of water and snacks to keep the kids happy on the way, while waiting in line and at any other time you need a few minutes of silence! If you plan to stay for the fireworks, bring along a pair of earmuffs for little ones who may not be so keen on the noise. Baby wipes and hand sanitiser is always a good thing to throw in the bag, and don’t forget the sunscreen!
  • HAVE FUN: More than anything else, be sure to have fun. Keep an open mind about how long you stay, what the kids eat and who has to hold the most baby animals before lunchtime. The Royal Adelaide Show is meant to be a fun family day out, so do your best to stay calm and remember its only once a year!

Visit some of our favourite S.A businesses 


Our mates from Bazinga Trading Cards, Collectibles & Arcade in Munno Para will be at the Royal Adelaide Show this year with Gotham Collectables.

They wil have a great selection of amazing value showbags for you to choose from – 3 levels of Pokemon, NBA, AFL, Multisport, 2 levels of Dragonball Super, My Hero Academia, Digimon & Metazoo, as well as special mystery repacks, prize wheel spins, plush toys, pops, collectibles & more. There will also be superhero appearances at 12 noon daily!

Click here to read more about their Munno Para store.

Ugly Swan

You probably already know that Kids in Adelaide are huge fans of the Ugly Swan range of hairbrushes and hair towels. They really have been a game changer in our morning routine because just quietly, brushing kids hair SUCKS! (well it used to, but not anymore) You’ll find Ugly Swan at B19 in the Jubilee Pavilion with their full range on display and some special show offers

Menz Fruchocs

Head to the Showbag Hall to get your hands on some delicious Menz products, including their famous Fruchoc Showbags!

Kytons Bakery

Kytons Bakery has had a stall at the Royal Show for as long as we can remember. Go and reacquaint yourself with this SA classic!

Visit Larry The Lamington on their stand, check out the cookie wall (maybe have a sample or two!) and chat to their staff about their fundraising options for your school, club or community group. 

The mention of Kytons lamingtons evokes memories of school lamington drives for so many South Australians. Kytons Lamington Drives are still an integral part of Kytons business as well as Easter, winter and Christmas drives. Each year Kytons assists hundreds of school, community or sporting groups with their fundraising efforts. They have some great options, including the choice of Kytons staff packing your individual orders or pack them yourselves and get an additional 5% off your order cost! 

Talk to them while you are at the Show and pick up some lamingtons, cookies, fruitcake or their other delicious treats while you’re there!


Head to Melba’s Chocolates in the Old Ram Shed for their delicious chocolates (including their famous ‘cow pat’), lollies and of course one of their yummy Choc Dipper Cups!

It’s a Roya Show tradition for us!

Visit their website for more.

Budget Tips  Getting the most bang for your buck at the Royal Adelaide Show

  • CHEAP ENTRY DAYS: Always pre-purchase your tickets for the cheapest prices & RAA Members can get them even cheaper via the RAA website until sold out. It is cheapest to go on a weekday – if you want to visit on a weekend day, you’ll need to purchase a weekend ticket. After 6pm entry is also a bit cheaper however you have to pre-purchase your ticket. Kids under 5 are FREE!
  • BYO FOOD AND DRINKS: especially if you have younger kids who may well enjoy your usual (& often healthier) snacks than unfamiliar foods. Water bottles can be refilled at the show!
  • If you’re after FREE and CHEAP things to do at The Show – check out our tips for doing The Show with your family for under 100 bucks. post our favourite FREE tips at the Royal Adelaide Show over the next month on our Facebook page so be sure to LIKE our page to see these.

What’s New at the Royal Adelaide Show in 2023

  • Be sure to check out the new home of the Dog Competitions, in the newly built State Basketball Centre!
  • New entertainment includes ‘Showstoppers’ on the Boulevard Stage, ‘Lights – Camera – Action!’ on the Goyder Stage daily at 11am, 1pm 3pm & 6pm and BLUEY Live Interactive Experience  on Monday 4th – Thursday 7th September at 12pm. 
  • Check out the ‘Trophy Truck Challenge’ on the Main Arena in the ultimate battle of horsepower!
  • Take the kids to ‘Aggie’s Farm’ in the Stirling Angas Hall where kids can become miniature farmers for the day – this is a FREE activity.

Showbags at 2023 Royal Adelaide Show – Fast Facts

Showbags are a Royal Adelaide Show staple, don’t we all remember saving up & circling the Showbag guide as a kid?! There are hundreds of bags to choose from this year, with the full list online at

New Showbags in 2023

  • Darth Vader ($30)
  • Milo ($16)
  • Toy Story ($30)

The Best Value Showbags in 2023

  • Cadbury Super Bag ($10)
  • Charlesworth Nuts Chocaholic Showbag ($20)
  • Red Rock Deli ($6)
  • Yellow Brick Road Showbag ($13 each or 2 for $22)

The Cheapest Showbags in 2023

  • Rip Snorter Brain Blaster Bag ($4)
  • Rip Snorter Little Ripper Bag ($4)
  • Whizz Fizz Lil Fizz Bag ($4)

The Most Expensive Showbags in 2023

  • Charlesworth Mammoth Showbag ($50)
  • Lindt Box of 100 Balls ($70)
  • Lindt Box of Blocks ($150)

*images from The Royal Show Facebook/website

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