Kytons Easter Fundraising Pack

Kick off your 2021 school, club or charity fundraising quickly and super efficiently in time for Easter with a local Kytons Bakery fundraising drive! Covid won’t ruin your plans and you won’t need to coordinate a heap of volunteers.

Featuring Kytons award winning lamingtons & hot cross buns, did you know they pack your individual orders making this such an easy exercise!

Other highlights and stands outs are:

  • QKR – make your fundraising ever easier
  • Fruitless Hot Cross Buns – all the flavour just with the fruit taken out.
  • An “AMBER” Hot Cross Bun form – if your school would like to only sell Amber rated products we can cater for you.
  • Nut free form –  Easter form with nut products removed

Offering to pack the individual fundraising orders has been so popular Kytons have extended this service or opt in to pack your own for discount.

Down load an information pack here for more details & make your fundraising easy with Kytons this Easter:

Three Reasons 2021 Is A Great Year To Run A Kytons Easter Fundraising Drive

1. “Buy Local” sentiment is running high in the community & consumers are looking to support local organisations (like your schools, groups, clubs and charities) and local family businesses (like Kytons Bakery). Kytons fundraising drives are full of quality baked goodies, including the award winning hot cross buns and lamingtons that are all baked right here in SA

2. Kytons will now pack your individual orders (no need to gather volunteers together to do this yipee, it literally couldnt get any easier!) OR they will reward you if you choose the option to pack your own orders

3. Easter is near the end of the school term so there’s plenty of time right now to put together a successful Kytons fundraiser

Download a fundraising pack here for more info and share it with your school, sports club, group or committee mates today!

Visit Kytons at Edwardstown for you lamington, hot cross bun and bakery supplies

15 Lindsay Ave Edwardstown

Then open every weekday (exc public holidays) until Easter, 9am-2pm