Love Stones for Daddies

The Fathers in this world hold their children in their arms and hearts and carry the thought of them all through their days. For this, we are so very grateful.

Love Stones for Daddies is a beautiful gift idea for Father’s Day. It allows your child to think of all the things that they would love to do, or already do, with their Dads and they get to pick a love stone when ever the need arises – for sharing special times together.

You will need the following:

  • Black and white acrylic paint – or just choose what you like best from the images and keep it simple!
  • Poska textas – these are paint textas and you can buy them from Officeworks or a good art store
  • Small paintbrush
  • Box or container for your stones to go into. This is a great opportunity to go to an Op-Shop with your child and look for something that you can recycle, such as an old biscuit tin, crate or fancy vase. You just need to be able to fit Dad’s hand into it!
  • Clear Varnish – spray or paint: a good art store has the spray and its really easy to use. Alternately, you can just use a clear varnish from the hardware store.
  • River stones. You can buy these from a gardening or craft store or just from Cheap as Chips! I went to my local creek and got some small flat stones to use – another opportunity for an outing with your little one.

All the love and time you put into collecting, finding and creating your gift magically infuses into the stones and I’m sure all the Dad’s hands will tingle when he touches each magical rock!

Once your rocks are cleaned and dry, you can paint them either black, white or both colours, and allow them to dry. The white ones may need a second coat.

Using the poska textas,, carefully write or scribe, all the activities you want to do with your Dad! Here are some examples you may use, or you can think of your own…. remember they need to be short as you need to write them on the rocks!

* Read, Park, Swim, Movies, Cuddles, Play, Ride, Sing, Dance, Fish, Beach, Cook, Drive, Zoo, Art Gallery, Museum, Visit, Tea Party, Footy, Dolls …you get the picture! My children are older so their stones reflect their interests!

Once you have painted your rocks with the words, protect them by spraying or painting them with varnish.

Use your decorated container, box, vase or bag to present them to your Dad.

Enjoy all the fabulous activities you will do with your Love Stones for Daddies!