This Mother’s Day is an opportunity for lot’s of dads to be involved (if they’re at home) to help make it extra special, or maybe older siblings can be given the opportunity to create with little ones, if you’re a hardworking solo parent!
Many Mums have been at home with their children 24/7 for weeks on end now, with no respite, chance to have some time on their own or to reenergize, which, let’s face it, we all need to be the best we can be!
Motherhood is all consuming, and yes, we wouldn’t have it any other way, but taking time out for ourselves is an extremely important aspect of having the energy to keep up with our little people!
Here are five art/craft activities to help mum feel special. It doesn’t need to be expensive as it’s the thought that counts (but go right ahead if you were thinking of ordering that dress we tagged you in on insta or buying that diamond ring, we won’t say no!)

Hand print bouquet

You will need:

  • Paper or card stock
  • Paint
  • Texta

Draw a pot and some lines coming out. Paint your child’s hand and print to create flowers!
Write a nice message for mum or get your child to write or draw something at the bottom.
This can be turned into a card by folding in half or leave as is!

Daffodil Wish

You will need:

  • Paper
  • Paint
  • Texta

Draw a stem and a dot at the end. Then draw lots of lines coming out of the dot. Get your child to dip their finger in the paint and print on the end of each line. This creates a daffodil. Write ‘Make a Wish’ on the bottom!
This could be a nice card front also!

Woven Hearts

You will need:

  • Cardboard
  • Wool/String
  • Cue tips/straw to create a needle
  • Scissors

Cut out a heart shape. Pierce holes around the heart. Crate a needle by tying the wool on your cue tip and cutting off one end. Get your child to sew around the heart. Young children will need assistance but can happily pull through the wool. This is a great activity to practice hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills!
Write a message for mum in the middle or get your child to draw a funny picture of mums face!

Funny Card Quiz

Instead of writing the same message that Mum get’s every year, why not interview your child about Mum and write the answers in the card! This could be hilarious!
Here are some ideas!

  1. My Mum is _________ years old.
  2. My Mum weighs ______________.
  3. My Mum’s favourite color is _______________.
  4. My Mum’s favourite food is ________________.
  5. My Mum always says _________________________________.
  6. My Mum cooks the best _______________________________.
  7. My Mum’s job is ______________________________.
  8. My Mum laughs when _________________________________.
  9. If Mum had more time she would love to _________________________.
  10. My Mum and I like to _________________________________.
  11. My Mum really loves _________________________.
  12. I love my Mum because _______________________.

Hand print keepsake

Baby handprints are especially special to print and frame. If this is your Mum’s first Mothers Day, this will be an extra special gift that she will treasure forever.

  • Take the kids out and leave Mum at home, maybe she can read a book she’s been wanting to read for three years!
  • Plan a SPA DAY! Face mask, bubble bath, candles VOILA!!!
  • Plan a picnic at home!
  • Candle light dinner (so simple, make dinner, light candles!)
  • Let Mum sleep in!
  • Organise a menu for a Mother’s Day Room Service breakfast!

We hope your Mother’s Day is relaxing, even if you just take the lap top for a drive to the beach, grab a coffee and watch a couple of episodes of that Netflix show you love, in peace!

Gosh! Reading this, I think every day should be Mother’s Day!!!
Enjoy xxx

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