Want to buy a showbag at this years Royal Adelaide Show that is loaded with practical quality goods, offers something for ALL of the family and oozes bang for buck? Buy South Australian. It might even help you pack the school lunches next week?

(Disclaimer – lunch packing nine year old does not come with showbags)

We found it really hard to pick a selection of bags to review this year, show bags are just so much fun, but we know know they are mostly full of rubbish and plastic (that will take up to 500 years to break down). The expense is a killer and it is and almost impossible to choose given there are over 400 on offer this year!

SO….our team decided the smart thing to do would be to narrow it down to some South Australian bags, that are not only loaded with treats and practical quality contents, the value for what you are actually getting is exceptional. Here is some value bags we are giving a big tick, that will keep every one happy (our school lunch boxes have never looked better!)

By supporting South Australian, we are doing our bit and teaching our kids the value of local. So here are our top picks for a family showbag (or showbag alternative) that will have you feeling good about your mindful purchase.

This nutty chocolatey loot should get our team
through Coastrek later this month!

Charlesworth Nuts

We checked out the Chocoholics and the Insatiable bags. Both will surprise and delight the entire family and represent great value. (Please check for nut allergen information). Priced from $13 to $50 find them at stand 11 Search Charlesworth Showbags Here

A REAL showbag – the way they were traditionally created

Foodland Gourmet Goodies Bag

Heavily loaded with our favourite Tuckers Gourmets and backed by Foodland and other treats, the kids loved the Golden North Ice Cream and teamed with the drinks it meant we didn’t need to buy afternoon tea! Priced at $20 or cheaper for multiple. Find them at stand 5 and search the bag here

Seriously life changing hair brushes!

Ugly Swan – Scream Free Hair Brushes

Substitute plastic toys and sugar for practical and quality! Not officially a showbag, but these magical brushes are presented in the sweetest silk carry pack and there is options for the whole family. We picked up a couple yesterday and are loving the Scream Free hair brushing experience so far. Pop past the Jubilee Pavilion for a demo. Visit Ugly Swan here and enter SHOW10 at checkout online for $10 off until mid October!

Grab some Lamingtons, Mini Lamingtons or a sampler pack in a
fridge bag from Kytons!

Kytons Bakery

Also not officially a showbag, but an excellent alternative – pop by the Kytons stand in the Taste SA Pavilion and grab some lamingtons in a cooler bag for the school lunches. Iconic SA food at its best and will cost you just $7 for a pack of lammos. Browse the Kytons range here and don’t forget they make a wonderful fundraiser too!

Also note worthy, FruChoc’s, Menz, and show bags for our two Adelaide AFL teams if you are wanting to keep with in the South Australian showbag theme. Finally the Yellow Brick Road needs a shout out as a fun ‘showbag trail’ experience loaded with goodies to share and priced at $12.

Happy South Australian show bag shopping!