Although the playground is scheduled for an “official” opening on September 9th, the fences came down today for all the little ones to enjoy the newly completed playground in Seacliff. Shadesails and more plants will be added in September.

The playground is in the same location as previously, although it includes part of the hillside now, spreading further than before.

Located opposite the tranquil beach that runs between Seacliff and Brighton, Angus Neill Reserve, (The Esplanade, Seacliff) is ideal for large gatherings.

There’s plenty of parking available around the park and it is extremely well-maintained. During the warmer months, you can see kids setting up slip ‘n’ slides on the weekends and sliding down the spacious grassy knoll. It makes me want to join in!

Things we love about this park

  • 2 x Undercover BBQ areas
  • Lots of large trees around the edges for picnics
  • Toilet facilities with 3 cubicles that are easy to access. One also includes baby change facilities.
  • Large NEW nature play area
  • Water play pump, with sand pit space
  • Swings x 2 plus basket swing
  • A spin thing….. you know what I mean! This was very popular and was going very fast at some points so beware of dizzy children!
  • Wooden pirate ship for a good ol’ creative play adventure my heartys! This has small slide on it that isn’t too high, with a climbing frame on one side, plus stairs for younger children
  • A cool cave built into the hillside. This doesn’t extend too far back, so you can keep an eye on the children easily.
  • The playground area will have large shade sail covering the sandpit/water play area (due to be added in September)
  • There is a grassy hill on the other side of the park and set of wide stairs, which kids LOVE to roll down, climb up etc. (eg. cardboard bobsleds down the hill, slip ‘n’ slide)
  • The new playground has some terrific new climbing spaces, encouraging balance with different sized wooden stumps, or a rope pull, or a hanging net (photos below)
  • Ideal for birthday parties
  • Very well-maintained grass, playground and BBQ facilities
  • Large grass area suitable for kicking the ball, game a cricket, running around etc.
  • Close to a cafe, Seacliff Surf Lifesaving club and Seacliff Pub (5 minute walk)
  • 15-20 minute walk to Jetty Road Brighton
  • Opposite the beautiful Seacliff beach
  • Plenty of parking available on both sides of the park

Some things to be aware of are:

  • There is quite a steep drop off the top of the climbing hill, so it’s best to keep an eye on smaller children in this space
  • The children are now closer to the road at the top of the park. This is a very quiet road, but it’s worth keeping an eye on for smaller children here
  • Lots of personal training groups use the park in the mornings on weekends and from about 6pm onwards on weekdays in the summer
  • You can’t ‘book’ the area so may have to get there early if you’re planning on having a large birthday party or BBQ there on a nice day. There is plenty of other shade however and you can always set up your own tarp if need be.
  • It’s a large area, but it’s NOT fully enclosed


Coffee from Holdfast Beach Club  is also available at the playground. The van is there from 6am, 7 days/week serving up beautiful, strong, locally roasted coffee, a delicious additive and dairy free hot chocolate and hand blended healthful herbal teas made by an (almost) qualified herbal medicine practitioner. There are also yummy popsicles!

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