If you’re looking for a relaxing, unique family experience then you must check out Classic Carriage Drives. When we arrived at the old stone hall in Montacute, we were greeted by the most beautiful horse, Indiana. Libby, the owner, was so friendly, and our kids were in awe of the huge, strong horse and the amazing carriage. As we loaded into the carriage, I was surprised at how comfortable it was (Libby assured me it was German made and very strong, which made me feel better as I am heavily pregnant and was concerned for poor Indiana towing me along!).

Beautiful surrounds (Image from Classic Carriage Drives)

As we trotted along, it was just so peaceful. There were a few cars driving slowly along the narrow road to the cherry farm, but it was mostly just us clip-clopping our way through idyllic scenery. We stopped a few times to admire certain parts of the track, and even spotted a small koala up a tree!

The kids were just mesmerised the entire journey. A particular highlight for Spencer was stopping part way for a delicious icecream from a small cherry shed. Elka was ever-so-serious as Libby’s assistant at the front of the horse, shyly calling out ‘Walk on’ and holding the reins in both hands, not caring that her icecream was melting away in mine.

It was just such a delightful family experience and we feel so lucky to have had the opportunity. Libby was so gentle and caring with Indiana, and with our animal-shy children!

If you’re looking for a wonderful Christmas or birthday gift. Or perhaps thinking of having a kids birthday party, then I’d highly recommend contacting Libby. It really was a morning to treasure, which is just what we needed at this busy time of year.


Meet Libby and Indiana at the old stone hall, 63 Institute Road, Montacute

(Head up Montacute Road from the bottom of the hill and it’s a signposted, narrow road on your right, just past the cherry picking farm)

How much?

$180.00 for up to 8 passengers

Contact Libby for costs and details about kids parties or other events (eg. weddings, high teas, disability or elderly access to the carriage)

Contact details:

Libby: 0429 887 121

Website: www.classiccarriagedrives.com.au

Hit up Facebook and Instagram for more pics and details too!

Indiana the unicorn! Beautiful children’s party accessory. (Image from Classic Carriage Drives)

*Although we were fortunate enough to be gifted this experience, all words are our own. This is an honest review of our experience.