Put the Eagle Mountain Bike Park on your list of things to do!

Find it at: Mount Barker Rd, Leawood Gardens

If you’ve got BMX bandits, MAMILS, Lycra Lovers or just regular bike riding fans in your family, you really should put Eagle Mountain Bike Park on your list of things to do next school holidays.

Eagle Mountain Bike Park has 22 kms of designated bike trails to suit every type of bike rider, from kids and beginners to experienced cross country and downhill riders. There’s even jumps and skills park for the gnarliest of riders. Check out the downloadable pdf Eagle Mountain Bike Park Map available from Office of Recreation, Sport and Racing.

The park is located 12kms from the city in the beautiful Adelaide Hills suburb of Leawood Gardens, or as most of us know it “the old freeway”.

Parking is available at Pastor Kavell lookout or there is a second entrance available on Hawk Hill Road, via Hillcrest Avenue, Crafers West which is a really nice walk by the way, but tricky for parking so if you’re coming with the ‘gang – use the first option.

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/SJXBuPUNqVE” align=”center” maxwidth=”600″]

If you’re keen to check out more options for kid friendly bike trails, be sure to check out our post 9 kid friendly bike tracks in Adelaide! 

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  • The Bower Road Bike Park is located at the Aquatic Reserve In West Lakes Shores on the corner of Old Port Road and Bower Road.  We found it particularly good for advanced riders as we haven’t seen many other bike parks of this level in SA. If you want something to compare it against and you’re familiar with the track off Greenhill/Unley roads in the CBD then this Bower Road Bike Park is more suited to riders of the CBD’s intermediate and (often closed) advanced tracks. The location has been used as a BMX track, however over the last decade the track has not had the attention it received in years gone by. In 2013 a group of local residents school groups and the Charles Sturt Council got together to start discussing ways to improve the park and redevelop it to provide a fully functioning bike park that was as good as the facilities being developed overseas and in other parts of Australia. Through the efforts of volunteers in collaboration with the council the park currently has a kids BMX track, an advanced BMX track, Dirt Jumps and a Pump Track. Our confident 5-6 year old bike riders are comfortable…

  • Part of The Barossa Council's Big Project this 1km loop is located in the township of Angaston on the corner of Washington and Fife Street. The track features a range of rollers and berms, a wall ride, and timber bridge. TrailScapes are the clever folks behind this project and according to their website this track is "Very much like a little MTB playground in the middle of a town, this unique loop gets “sessioned”, laps after laps by riders of all ages and ability level. This is definitely a great trail to gain confidence on the bike." We can't wait to check this one out for ourselves and will update this post with more info soon. Check out Goolwa Pump Track which is another TrailScape project. Image credit TrailScapes Corner of Washington and Fife Street, Angaston [wpgmza id="138" cat="1" marker="700" zoom="16"]

  • The Kuitpo Forest Mountain Bike Park, also known as Prospect Hill is a great place for mountain bike riders of all abilities. We have taken a number of primary school aged kids riding here, most of whom have never been single track riding before. They have enjoyed the challenge of learning to mountain bike, and intermediate riders are spoiled for choice in the great range of trails in the park. The trails aren't signposted so keep a copy on your phone of the park inset from the map below. The Kuitpo Forest Mountain Bike Park is suitable anyone from confident beginners and above. Once kids can ride confidently, stay straight and turn well they will be fine. They just need to be quite stable and able to steer well, as they need to navigate the narrow single trails. The park has one main beginner trail that takes our 5-7 year olds about 15-20 minutes to complete. There are some challenging sections for very new riders but they have all managed fine once they give it a try. The trail is relatively flat so there's not any/much uphill that leads to kids having to push. The track is single track (less…