In case my kids weren’t already lucky enough to have a pool, check out the EPIC new inflatable waterslide we just received from Aussie brand Crocpad to go with it! Talk about best summer ever!

If you’re after a waterslide for your pool but don’t want something permanent or you rent your house or you have little kids and want something soft and inflatable but still SUPER FUN – this is for you.

The Crocpad inflatable water pool slides are the first inflatable slides designed for residential use but made with commercial quality. Made from 0.65mm PVC tarpaulin material they are designed to last for years, super easy setup – I’m talking literally minutes, easy to store and no mould. They even come with a 2 year warranty, which is great peace of mind when you invest in a big backyard piece of equipment like this.

We were given the 2m Mikros slide to try out which is 1.2m high with a 80cm stepping pad that secures the slide to the edge of the pool. The 4 climbing handles and safety falling wall makes it ideal for the whole family to use, even my dare devil little 4 year old. The Mikros can handle up to 250kg and well and truly copes with multiple kids sliding at the same time and strong enough for us adults to have a go too.

It’s as easy as placing the slide at the edge of the pool, filling the stepping pad with water from the hose and inflating. The stepping pad makes it really secure to the side of the pool which has been a problem for us with other inflatable pool slides. This one is super sturdy and heavy duty, it’s not going anywhere.

Set up and pack up are both really easy, but I love that the Crocpad has easy to follow instructions and videos to watch if you need them the first time you set up. You’ll only need to watch once.

The Crocpad inflatable water slides come in 2m Mikros (the one we have) and the giant 3m Megalo. They also have a great range of premium water mats, slide mats, saddle floats and waterproof carry bags. Take a look at their website on the link below.
Order now to save up to $200 and you’ll be impressed with the speed of delivery, ours arrived in two days from ordering! Oh and they also have Afterpay available.

We received this product free of charge for the purpose of this review however as for all reviews from Kids in Adelaide the above is honest and in our own words

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