Nope, they’re not cheap……..and you know why…..because they’re made STRONG, made to LAST and made to GROW with your kids. We need to stop buying cheap crap that lasts a few months, and start investing in great quality toys that encourage our kids to get outside, take risks and be active!

Funky Monkey Bars® popped up in my Facebook news feed back in 2017 and having a child who loves to play outside and swing and climb, I HAD to find out more.

Funky Monkey Bars® are an Australian company started by Perth Dad Shane Roberts, who made a set of monkey bars for his own kids back in 2009. Of course they were a massive hit, not only with his own kids, but also with their friends and local kids, and it was there that Funky Monkey Bars® was born.
We were SO lucky to be given “The Chimp” to set up at home and try out and IT. IS. AWESOME! It’s like having a playground in your own backyard! We’ve had our kid now for over 4 years and now 5 of the KIA families own a set of their own Funky’s!

I have to admit, when the boxes arrived from the courier I was a little concerned with how easily 10 flat pack boxes was going to turn into a 5m x 3m set up BUT I’m being totally honest when I say that it took my husband and I just over and hour from start to finish. What looked like quite a process was very well explained in the instructions and actually pretty straight forward.

Funky Monkey Bars® are all free standing – so there is no need to cement them into the backyard and you can move them around the yard if you need to. They’re made from galvanised steel they are tough enough to withstand lots of kids, Australian weather conditions and last for generations.

There are over 20 frames to choose from available in 6 colours. Prices start from just over $1000.

One of the best features of Funky Monkey Bars is that you can customise them to suit and grow with your family.  There is a fantastic and HUGE range of accessories that you can add on. There’s a range of swings to suit kids of all ages, swinging cubbys, flying fox, climbing nets, jungle ropes, ninja grips, fitness gear for bigger kids and us adults, sports add ons like netball hoops and cricket/soccer net and gymnastic add ons including aerial hoops, roman rings and silks. We’ve added to ours for almost every birthday and Christmas since 2017! Our set up is now pretty epic!

Here’s what we love about Funky Monkey Bars®

THEY’RE FREE STANDING There is no need to cement a Funky Monkey Bar into the ground. The unique patent Funky Monkey Bar design with its twirly – whirly bars provide the stability – just peg it down on grass.
IT’S ADJUSTABLE As kids grow in size, skill and confidence the height adjustable Funky Monkey Bar can grow with them. Height adjustable anywhere between 1.2 to 2.3 m so they’re fun for parents too!
BUILT TO AUSTRALIAN SAFETY STANDARDS All Funky Monkey Bars® playground configurations are designed to Australian Safety Standard AS4685.1 with certified load ratings between 552kgs to 2.2T.
QUALITY MATERIALS All Funky Monkey Bars® are made from Australian galvanised steel tube and coloured with Dulux outdoor powder coating – it’ll withstand the weather and last for generations.
AUSTRALIAN MADE All models are all proudly Australian designed and made.
EASY TO ASSEMBLE AND INSTALL Funky Monkey Bars come flat packed, with full instructions and all the tools to easily assemble and install in the backyard – just add a little muscle.
AFTERPAY IS AVAILABLE – play now, pay later.

Here’s what you need to consider before investing in some Funky Monkey Bars®

  1. You’ll need some space. The smallest frame “Cheeky Little Monkey” has a footprint of 3.5m x 2.3m and from there you can go up in size to suit your yard.
  2. Although the building process was WAY easier than I thought, it still does take some time, some tools and some muscles to put together. So if you’re considering asking Santa for a set make sure he knows that he’ll need to hang around for an hour or two to help build.
  3. If you want it for Christmas you’ll need to order before the end of NOVEMBER for guaranteed delivery.
  4. Be prepared for your kids to spend way more time outside, in the fresh air, being active and having FUN!

If you had plans to get the kids a trampoline for Christmas or their next birthday STOP! Use that space in the backyard for something different, something new and something way more fun for ALL the family……including you! It’s a great way for families to get outside and get active together. Kids can swing and play on the monkey bars while Mum and Dad sweat out a few rounds of boxing!

Funky Monkey Bars® are available to order online from their website at

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I received my Funky Monkey Bars free of charge for the purposes of this review however as for all reviews from Kids in Adelaide the above is honest and in my own words

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