Our teachers have worked hard again this year. We think they ALL deserve a medal. Lots of teachers are also parents and to have juggled more bouts of home schooling and other COVID related interruptions again this year. We think teacher gifts are a really special way to show your appreciation for all that hard work. They don’t have to cost a lot of money – it’s definitely the thought that counts. Here’s a range of teacher gift ideas we’ve put together. Some are inexpensive but take some time to make from home, and some are from our favourite stores for those who are time poor or don’t have a crafty bone in their body (me)! 

 We have also included some local Adelaide businesses so you can buy a great teacher gift while also supporting a small business based right here in South Australia!


Personalised Crockery from Pottering Around

If you cant be bothered with the DIY at home, you must head to Pottering Around and have them do it for you! These plates and mugs with a personalised message along with a hand or foot print can make an excellent teachers gift. You could also pass the hat around to do a gift from the whole class – at Pottering Around they can put the names of everyone in the class on one of their plates or other fun products! Click here to find out more.

Matchbox Puns from Adelaide business Love Lee Finds and Designs

Little gifts with a BIG IMPACT!
These little handmade felt characters are oh so sweet and sure to put a smile on your teachers face this Christmas. If you’re after a teacher gift that’s a little bit different this is it!

Choose from a number of cute designs and phrases.

Support local and treat your teacher. We just love these! 

Please allow 7 days for your order to arrive. They are all handmade right here in Adelaide

Shop online at loveleefindsanddesigns.company.site

Christmas Baked Goodies

There’s so many different baking ideas that you can put together to create something delicious for your deserving teachers. From gingerbread, shortbread, to cookies most teachers have a sweet tooth. If you don’t have time to bake something this cookies in a jar option could also be an easy and quick idea. Recipe found here.

Cookies from Bertie's Biscuits

Who doesn’t love biscuits? Bertie’s Biscuits are SO creative – they can work with you to create a special cookie message or creation for your teacher that will be both appreciated & enjoyed! These biscuits are absolutely divine too! Check out their Facebook page to place an order. 

Christmas Tree Ornament

If your looking for something that’s small and easy to have posted these little Christmas Tree Ornaments by The Name Co. are the perfect gift idea! We hear lot’s of teachers these days put up trees in their classroom too so having these keepsakes to display every year is a lovely gesture. We also love supporting local SA companies just like this one! You can find the Etsy store here

Something for Summer – A Tesalate Towel

We’re huge converts of Tesalate Towels and they make such a practical and useful gift. They’re super absorbent, fast drying, lightweight and compact and come in such a great range of sizes and designs. Check out the entire collection exclusively sold on their website at www.tesalate.com

Fabric Pot Plant Covers from LK Mae Crafts

These stunning fabric pot covers are handmade right here in Adelaide & come in three different sizes. There is a huge range of patterns & fabric to choose from, or they can work with you on a custom order. They can be turned inside out for a alternative look & are machine washable. Grab a pot plant to go inside & voila, you’re done! You can place an order via their Facebook page or Instagram

Tote Bags, Pencil Cases & more from Tops By Tash

Tops By Tash is a local SA business that can personalise just about anything. They have a great range of teacher gifts including tote bags, pencil cases, mugs, wine coolers & HEAPS more. You can choose one of their messages or customise your own. Best of all is the range of fonts & colours to choose from, including some very cool glitter colours! Check out the website to see the range: www.topsbytash.com.au

Decorate a pot plant

Who doesn’t love pot plants right? Why not buy a pot and have your kids decorate it then add a plant to give to your teacher. Our team created exactly this a few weeks back and it’s quite easy, Also gives the kids something to do. Follow the instructions here

Insulated Tumblers from Adventure Awaits

We love these insulated tumblers and stubby coolers. The tumblers are great to keep wine and drinks cool, but you can also use them to keep coffee warm. And the stubby coolers are great because their screw top lid means they fit a standard can or bottle. Available in a range of colours from www.adventureawaits.com.au

Cross Stitch your teacher

How cute is this idea shared on IG from annablep there are lots of patterns online that you can use as a guide or if you’re clever enough you can wing it OR if you’re like me and NOT clever enough and short on time, get over to Etsy and pay someone else to do it!

Keyrings & tree decorations from 4KidzLabels

At 4KidzLabels they can personalise just about anything including beautiful Christmas decorations or keyrings. Say thanks to your class teacher by getting their name put on something they can keep. Have a look at their Facebook page for ideas. 

A personalised book with a difference from Plants & Pages

If your child’s teacher has been instrumental in teaching them to read, why not buy them one of these beautiful book keepsakes from Plants & Pages? You can choose the name or word that is lovingly crafted into the pages. Have a look at their Facebook page here.  

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