Adelaide kids will head back to school for the 2024 year on January 29, marking the end of the summer break and the exciting start of a new chapter. Whether they’re seasoned veterans or wide-eyed newbies, Adelaide’s schools are preparing to welcome a fresh wave of energy and enthusiasm, ready to tackle new challenges and make lifelong memories.

So, Adelaide parents, dust off the lunchboxes, sharpen those pencils, and embrace the back-to-school buzz! So you won’t forget a thing we’ve put the back to school necessities as well as some other handy items to help you get organised for the new school year.

Lunchboxes for Kids

If there’s one thing we can all agree is a back to school essential, it’s a lunchbox and with about eleventy trillion different styles, shapes and brands out there to try finding the right one can take ages.
So that’s why we’ve done the hard work for you and put a whole stack of different lunchboxes to the test over the last couple of years, and don’t worry there is something for all budgets in this list.

MorganiseMe – make school mornings a breeze!

Are your school mornings filled with the chaos of remembering sports kits, instruments, library bags, show and tell items, lunch, water bottles, fruit snacks, homework diaries, sunscreen, hats, and even cash for the Mother’s Day Stall? We get it – the struggle is real, especially with multiple kids doing different things each day.

Introducing MorganiseMe™ – an app that reminds you what each of your children need each day. It’s the ultimate solution to streamline your morning routine. Download it from the app stores today.

Never forget anything for school again!

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Back to school is also a great time to start thinking about pocket money.
It’s not just a piggy bank, or somewhere for kids to save their money, it’s a TOOL for helping teach kids about money. All aspects of it. The value of money, creative ways to earn money, how to save money, how to manage your money, and how to spend money when you need/want to.

sign up here and you’ll get a $20 head start

Dot On A Sock

Dot On A Sock is a simple sock sorting solution that empowers kids to identify and pair their own socks. For parents that are looking for calm organised mornings and organised sock drawers!

Each size of these organic cotton socks is colour-coded with a different coloured dot on the sole. This makes it easy to quickly identify whose socks are whose and makes pairing socks a breeze.

The colour-coded system can help support kids with autism / learning difficulties be more independent. The socks have also been developed to suit kids with sensory hypersensitivity, with extra padding in the sole and super-soft undetectable seams. This makes them extremely comfortable for all wearers!

A brilliant idea that helps eliminate odd socks and mismatched pairs! Use code: KIA10 for $10 off your first purchase of sock pack/s.

Click here to shop Dot On A Sock.


Is your daughter on the cusp of starting their period…this one is for you. Before it’s too late and THAT moment happens at school without her being prepared, do yourself and her a favour and throw a pair of Modibodi teen period undies in her bag. Having a pair in her bag or locker will give both of you peace of mind knowing that she can throw on a pair of period-proof undies to get through the day.

click here to browse the range

Grab all you need at Harbour Town!

Get Back to School ready with big brand savings at Harbour Town!

Shop traditional school shoes, sports shoes, drink bottles, lunchboxes, stationery & more all at outlet prices! You can even get Back to School haircuts sorted at Shah Blade Barber & Salon Superstore.

Click to watch & shop school supplies from Sportspower, Intersport & Shoe Warehouse.

Maths Online

Discover the Joy of Maths with MathsOnline!

MathsOnline is an engaging and comprehensive online maths tutor. Perfectly tailored for children in K-12. Renowned for its interactive and user-friendly platform, MathsOnline transforms complex mathematical concepts into easy-to-understand lessons. Parents seeking a reliable and effective tool for their kids will find MathsOnline to be a standout choice. The program aligns with the Australian and state based curriculum standards, ensuring that children not only enjoy learning but also stay on track with their schoolwork.

• Personalised Learning Paths: Every child is unique, and MathsOnline embraces this by offering personalised learning paths. The program adapts to each child’s learning pace and style, ensuring they grasp concepts fully before moving on. This personalised approach helps build confidence and a deep understanding of maths.
• Parental Feedback: MathsOnline understands the importance of parental feedback in a child’s education. The platform provides regular progress reports, allowing parents to monitor their child’s advancement and areas for improvement.

Try It Free Today! The best way to appreciate the benefits of MathsOnline is to experience it firsthand. That’s why MathsOnline offers a free trial, allowing parents and their kids the ability to explore the platform’s features without any commitment. Join the community of parents who have witnessed remarkable improvements in their children’s maths capabilities. Click the free trial button now and embark on a journey to maths mastery with MathsOnline!

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Ugly Swan Detangling Hair Brush

If you’re yet to experience how traumatic the school morning hair routine can be can we just save you the hassle and suggest you grab yourself an Ugly Swan hair brush. If you have kids with birds nest hair (or any hair) who carry on like absolute pork chops about having it brushed, these are a game changer for you. If your kids have sensory issues, these are your new go to brush. Maybe you are a dance Mum – these bad boi’s will whip up a smooth high pony or bun in zero time and they even make it easy for our kids to wait for it……do their own hair!  Back to school essential – yep we think so click here to find out more

30% off Isaac’s Snacks

Delicious wholefood snacks for the family made only with ingredients you’d find in your kitchen.

The struggle of finding a lunchbox snack that’s healthy and full of good ingredients AND will actually get eaten is tricky. Particularly when you’re packing lunch for more than one kid.
We were recently sent a trial pack of Isaac’s Snacks to try and my kids liked them so much we’ve hit them up for a promo code so you can try them too!
The range includes:

  • Chia Full Oat Clusters
  • Fruity Cutie Bites
  • Jammy Date Bites
  • Apple of my Pie Bars
  • Oat so Fruity Bars, and my kids favourite
  • Cacao-conuts Bars

All made in Australia using 7-10 natural wholefood ingredients for kids & parents on the run.

(expires 29 Feb 2024)

Willow Bay

We’ve been long time fans of Willow Bay, not just because they’re products are great, but because they’re from Adelaide!

The Willow Bay Kids Collection of laptop/iPad bags, pencil cases and backpacks are excellent.
Gone are the days of boring kids laptop bags with no personality or having to use an adult laptop bag that is far too big and bulky. Now you can secure your kids laptops in their very own Willow Bay.

Available in a great range of colours, they’re lightweight, fantastic quality and WASHABLE!!!

Shop the range online at

Lunchbox Supplies and fun back to school accessories from Have You Met Charlie?

Check out the range of fun lunchboxes, lunch accesories, drink bottles, stationery, diaries, planners, notebooks, scrunchies, stickers and other fun back to school stuff from Have you Met Charlie?
Stores in Adelaide Arcade and Jetty Rd, Brighton or you can shop their super fun and huge range online at

Goalstar Rewards

Parents- ready to transform your children into goal-setting champions for the upcoming school year? Research shows when children set their learning goals, they become more motivated!

Goalstar Rewards is the ideal online tool to prepare your little dynamos for a thriving 2024! Designed for families with children aged 7 and above, this tool motivates your children to set unique goals, track their progress, and celebrate success across 4 Key areas -Social, Academic, Sports, and Behavioural. Creating a personalized adventure map for your children.

Goalstar Rewards makes goal-setting a game, not a chore. Every success is a rewarding experience for your children. With a FREE 4-week trial for each child, it’s the ultimate test run for your little champs to see how Goalstar Rewards transforms their 2024 school journey. Discover more about how Goalstar Rewards can enhance your family’s experience at

Ollie Ashenden Children’s Shoes

Get back-to-school shoe and sandal ready with 10-20% off at Ollie Ashenden Children’s Shoes until the end of January.

Kids spend a lot of time in their school shoes, so they need to be comfy and well supported.

With more than 45 years experience and a wide variety of brands (including Clarks, Pablosky, Harrison, Skobi, Ascent, Biomecanics, Surefit and Saltwater) and styles in up to 6 different widths, they’re committed to finding the perfect fit for your kid’s feet.

Plus most of their Summer fashion styles are also on sale with 20-70% off.

See the website: or Facebook: for pics and more info.

Find a new sport or hobby for your child

What will your child do after school or on weekends this year? Is it time for them to find a new sport, start swimming lessons, or perhaps try dance, art or music classes?

Maybe they need a tutor to give them a bit of a helping hand with their school work?

Our LEARN section of our website has HEAPS of ideas of different classes, teams or clubs your child can try – there is something for everyone!

Click here to find a new passion for your child.

Back To School Recipes from the Adelaide Central Market

It’s always hard to come up with nutritious lunchbox ideas that your kids will actually eat, isn’t it? Thankfully our friends at the Adelaide Central Market have put together some great (and simple!) lunchbox recipes that are guaranteed to be a winner with even the fussiest of kids.

take a look here

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  • It's always hard to come up with nutritious lunchbox ideas that your kids will actually eat, isn't it? Thankfully our friends at the Adelaide Central Market have put together some great (and simple!) lunchbox recipes that are guaranteed to be a winner with even the fussiest of kids. Make sure you pop into the Adelaide Central Market to grab your the freshest, local ingredients and get the kids involved in cooking some of the recipes below to take to school! FRUIT PIKELETS 3 WAYS Preparation time: 20 minutesCooking time: 5-10 minutesServes: 18 INGREDIENTS 1 cup plain self-raising flour½ teaspoon baking powder¼ cup honey¾ cup (180ml) full cream milk25g unsalted butter, melted1 extra-large egg, lightly beaten Banana & coconut2 bananas, ½ cup mashed banana & remaining sliced¼ cup shredded coconut Apple & cinnamon2 apples, ½ cup grated apple & remaining sliced2 teaspoons ground cinnamon Strawberry & vanilla10 strawberries, ½ cup diced strawberries & remaining sliced2 teaspoons vanilla bean paste METHOD For the pikelet batter, add flour and baking powder together in a medium mixing bowl, stirring to combine. In a large jug add honey, milk, melted butter and egg, whisking to combine. Pour over the flour mixture, stirring to combine. Add…

  • It can sometimes be hard to find activities, programs and things to do that are suitable, or "cool enough" for older kids, but they're out there believe us! We've rounded up what we think are the best ideas and places to visit for older kids in Adelaide over the school holidays! There are some free options as well as places you will need to book ahead - so grab your teen and start planning!