If you are in the market for a new pram, be sure to check out the Pronto Stroller! It doesn’t matter if you are a new parent to be looking for your first ever pram (aww so special), need to upgrade because you’ve had another baby or just want something a bit bigger or more stylish than your current pram, we think the Pronto Stroller is a winner. We were recently lucky enough to be given one to try out – read on to hear our thoughts!

Firstly – if versatility is a big tick for you then the Pronto delivers in spades. From a bassinet mode to a twin toddler pram, as well as catering for the baby capsule market, whatever stage you are at this one will suit your needs. It will see you right through from newborn to toddler.

The storage and accessory options available are incredible, with a range of hoods and covers to transform your pram into a cozy weather proof home, as well as extra storage compartments, meal trays and more! It is this customisable aspect of the Pronto which allows it to transform to each families needs. Want some extra shade in summer or warmth in winter? Done. Want your toddler to be able to eat in their Pronto Stroller without getting food everywhere? Done.

We have been super impressed with the quality of our Pronto. It is German engineered and Korean designed and you can really tell that this is a high quality pram. It’s stable, handles well over bumps and all terrain and has none of the flimsy parts that break so quickly on other prams. The Pronto is also so stylish and comes in a range of colours and trims.

It is also big! It has a weight limit of 100kg so it’s massive in fact, but still folds into one piece for transport. Weighing in at 16kg, it is slightly heavier than other large prams but it is also significantly more spacious and for us it doubles as a beach buggy! Perfect for a day at the zoo or a walk on the trails. For boot size, it will take up a reasonable amount of space. We tested it with out Mazda CX9 as shown in the pic at the bottom. Our car has a massive boot and it did allow plenty of space for bags, shopping or whatever equipment takes your fancy. The wheels to remove if you need a bit more space too, and we did like that it folds as a one piece pram. It was actually very easy to fold l with the simple buttons on the side bar used to fold. Like anything this size, some will find it easier to lift into and out of the car than others, but if you are in the large pram market they will all be on the heavier side to lift.

Due to the quality of design and engineering, the Pronto Stroller does have a higher price tag than other prams, so we know it may not be in everyone’s budget but if you can afford it, we honestly think it is worth every cent! The Kids In Adelaide team have been through multiple prams over the years to cater for babies through to toddlers and young kids and we have also replaced our fair share of prams due to poor quality – there is none of this with the Pronto, this will last for all stages and all of your kids!

We also love that Pronto is a local South Australian business – so you really get the best of everything! German engineering, Korean design and South Aussie owned and operated!


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We were gifted this product in exchange for an honest review. All words & opinions are our own.

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