One of those things that you just do not understand until you’ve had kids is how excellent a well timed pram walk can be.

There’s something about that perfect ratio of smooth with a few soothing bumps and long enough to last at least one sleep cycle that will have you driving back to the same place every time you’re desperate for a bit of exercise…..or desperate to get bubs to sleep.

We’ve had A LOT of babies over the years here at KiA so we’ve put together some of our favourite spots for a pram walk.

Loop around West Lakes

he loop around picturesque West Lakes is 5.8km long. Dogs are allowed, cyclists are not. Head here for an easy flat pram walk that’s a nice distance. It take’s us about an hour and a half to walk, faster to jog and longer with small people when they don’t want to stay in the pram (don’t we all love that age). You will literally be walking on the waters edge, it’s so pretty and somewhat more sheltered than the beach, but please remember your pram brakes and safety straps.

Why its great..

1. Start /finish at Inlet Reserve for easy parking, toilets and a playground. There are several playgrounds around the lake.

2. We love a loop walk, meaning you don’t have to double back.

3. There are a couple of great cafes on the loop.

4. Playground stops.

5. This one is flat and smooth the entire way.The northern end has some stairs, but look for the ramp near the bridge, adjacent.

6. Even good enough for wheelchair access.


Semaphore to North Haven Beachwalk

Park your car at the South Semaphore carpark, right near Fort Glanville and walk north for pretty much as long as you like. The path is long, it’s flat and there’s just enough bump in the path for that little bit of pram rumble that puts bub straight so sleep.

Why it’s great..

  1. The path is long, straight and flat. It’s long enough for you to get bubs to sleep and keep walking until they wake up. 
  2. It’s part of the Coast Park Path which begins at North Haven and ends at Sellicks Beach, this section is 7.2 km long and also boasts some awesome board walks between North Haven and Largs jetty.
  3. It’s off road the whole way, it’s a shared walking/bike path, so you don’t have to worry about cars. It’s also perfect if you have older kids on scooters or bikes who can happily roll along beside you. It’s also dog friendly.
  4. There are toilet stops along the way as well as coffee spots and shops if you need them
  5. There are at least 4 playgrounds along the way, as well as plenty of shady grassy parks if you need to stop for a while. You can also grab a post walk coffee while the kids have a post walk play.
  6. The views are great. You’ll have the fresh ocean breeze in your lungs the whole way and this stretch of beach really is pretty.

Rymill Park

Rymill Park is definitely one of the KiA team favourites. Located in the East End of the CBD it’s a great place for a walk in the centre of Adelaide.

Why it’s great..

1. Most of the trail is sealed, but the areas that aren’t are still very pram friendly.

2. The scenery in the park is stunning, with tree lined paths and a big lake in the middle of the park.

3. There is toilets, a cafe and plenty of grassed areas for the kids to run around on or for a family picnic.

4. Rymil Park hosts one of the most accessible playgrounds in Adelaide, the Quentin Kenihan Accessible playground. You can read more on the playground facilities here.

Port Noarlunga South to Moana – Coast Park Trail

This walk has some of the most gorgeous views and lets be honest when you are out there pounding the pavement with a pram a nice view is definitely welcomed. Running along side the coastline this walk is about 4 kilometres one way. This walk is part of a bigger trail that is a collaboration between 6 different councils, so you can chose to extend this walk out if you are wanting a longer walk. For more info on the whole trail click here.

Why it’s great..

1. Pram friendly paths with a stunning coastal view.

2. The path is fairly flat, certainly towards the Port Noarlunga South end. The Moana end does have a short steeper section but its definitely doable with a pram.

3. Plenty of toilets, playgrounds and picnic stops along the way, theres also a coffee shop or two along the esplanade if you are in need of a coffee fix.

4. The walk has the ability to be as long or as short as you like, as you can continue further along the Coast Park Path.

Laratinga Wetlands

Laratinga is an absolute fave of our hills dwelling KiA team members….located up the freeway at Mt Barker!

Why it’s great..

1. About half of the track is sealed, but the unsealed part is totally pram friendly and flat. There are some boardwalks over the water which are pram friendly but not heaps wide.

2. The serenity! Stunning scenery, the sounds of nature and bird spotting if that is your bag.

3. Plenty of parking!

4. Your choice of tracks. You can walk for as long or as short as you like, with several ‘loop’ choices to pick from.

5. For more about this magical spot in the Adelaide Hills, click here.

Myponga Reservoir

If you are looking for a great pram walk that is away from the hustle and bustle this walk might just be it. Myponga Reservoir is only about an hour away from Adelaide so still close enough that it can be done in a day trip. 

Why it’s great..

1. The trail is 5.2 kilometres but that includes the walks to the four lookouts. You can shorten the walk to 4.4 kilometres by not walking to the lookouts.

2. The gorgeous views of the reservoir, the natural vegetation and wildlife and the views from the lookouts.

3. There is a number of picnic tables along the way, so perfect for a day out with the family.

4. The path is very pram friendly and away from cars. It’s also a shared path so bikes and scooters are allowed which is perfect if you have older kids.

McLaren Vale to McLaren Flat Trail

The 3.6km Flat to Vale Trail (running between Blewitt Springs, McLaren Flat and McLaren Vale Sports Ground) is a fabulous sealed 2.5m path situated between stunning vineyards and Pedlar Creek. 

The $1.5m project opened in late 2022 and is a fantastic collaboration between local and federal governments, finally providing a safe off-road link for pedestrians and cyclists between the two historic towns.

Why it’s great..

1. Nice and flat, perfect for prams, runners and cyclists!

2. It connects to the Coast to Vines Trail, including the Shiraz Trail in McLaren Vale, fabulous for exploring our world famous wine region.

3. It connects perfectly to all the cafes, bakeries and world-class wineries

4. Did we mention the wineries? Because come on its McLaren Vale!


Steub Trail Mt Lofty

The Steub Trail is the pram friendly (tried and tested) part of the Mt Lofty trek. It’s a 3.8km trail that gently winds its way up from Cleland Wildlife Park to Mt Lofty summit.

Why it’s great..

1. The amazing views! This trail is all about the views of our amazing city, you get the views of the Mt Lofty walk but in a pram friendly version…. winning!

2. The path isn’t sealed but most definitley is pram friendly. The inclines are windy and gentle so you’ll still get abit of a workout but it’s suitable for all fitness levels.

3. There’s no toilet stops during the walk, but once you reach the top of the summit there are toilets and a cafe with plenty of seating.

For more info about the trail click here.

River Torrens Linear Trail

The River Torrens Linear Trail is a massive 30km long spanning from the bottom of the Adelaide Hills at Athelstone down to West Beach going through the middle of the Adelaide CBD.

Why it’s great..

1. It’s a fairly straight flat walk, that has a number of bridges so there is only minimal road crossings.

2. It’s a reallllly long trail so you can determine how long you want to walk for. If you are game you can do the whole trail, if not you can join the trail at any part. The trail also runs down both sides of the river so you can easily make the trail a circuit by walking down one side and walking back up the other.

3. With such a long trail, you can be sure there’s a ton of toilet stops and coffee shops along the way. One of our favourite parts of this trail is the Adelaide CBD to Walkerville stint, it’s a nice flat part of the walk and there are some great coffee shops and playgrounds in Walkerville. There is also a number of picnic spots and duck feeding spots along the trail.

4. The views on this walk are awesome, the trail is lined with Gum trees and runs directly along side the Torrens river, finishing with gorgeous beach views down at West Beach.

Glenelg – Kingston Park

Another awesome coastline walk, this 9 km path follows the coastline from Glenelg North to Kingston Park.

Why it’s great.. 

1. This is a smooth, flat, really wide path, so there’s no need to stress about blocking the whole path with your pram.

2. The views. Not only are there awesome coastline views there are also some really cool art scupltures along the way.

3. TONS of places to stop for a break inlcuding the Somerton Surf Club for a coffee or one of the many places on Jetty Road Brighton.

4. The versatilty of this walk is great, it’s a decent length (9km) but you can also chose to start or finish at Brighton which will shorten the walk.

5. Why not plan a stay-cation at the Brighton Beachfront Holiday Park and really enjoy this fab walk!


Victoria Park

Located on the east side of the city, Victoria Park is one of the largest parks part of the Adelaide Parklands.

Why it’s great..

1. There are so many options here for walking trails,  including the 1.9km fitness loop which has 5 exercise stations along it.

2. The paths here are flat and wide, making it perfect for prams.

3. The path takes you far away from the busy main roads.

4. Pop in for a post-walk coffee and lunch at one of our fave family friendly eats spots at The Commissary! You will find them right across the road on Fullarton Road.

5. Park the pram and enjoy the seemingly unending beautiful grassed areas. Chuck a blanket under the pram and enjoy your coffee with all the scenery of our fantastic east end.

6. Pretend your pram is a V8 Supercar and fly around the old Superloop track….not a particularly practical tip but sure is a fun one!

Carrickalinga Esplanade

 Another one of our favourite walking trails that has amazing beach views but is away from the crowds. Just to note near the end of the path it does get a bit narrow so you may decide to turn back at this point.

Why it’s great..

1. It’s about a 2.5 walk each way (making it a 5km return) but you can join the trail anywhere, making the walk shorter if you prefer.

2. Carrickalinga is one of the most beautiful beaches in SA. We love its clear waters and white sand.

3. This is a shared path so bikes and dogs are also welcome.

4. The path is sturdy and flat but unsealed so gives the right amount of bump to help put the little ones to sleep.


Onkaparinga River National Park

 The Onkaparinga River National Park is located 45 minutes South of Adelaide. The Park has a bunch of different walks but one of our favourites for prams is the Punchbowl Lookout walk.

Why it’s great..

1. This walk isn’t ridiculously long, 2km with a return time of 1 hour, but it is suited to all abilities including prams and wheelchairs.

2. There is seating along the way and toilets nearby the start of the trail.

3. When you get to the end of the walk you are rewarded with the most amazing views looking out into the Onkaparing Gorge. We LOVE a pram walk that has some awesome views.

4. This walk can be extended out to 6kms if you begin from the Sundews carpark (where the toilets are located) instead of between gates 8 and 9 where this walk begins.


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