Laratinga Wetlands is located in the Adelaide Hills suburb of Mt Barker, just off Bald Hills Road. The wetland’s environmental and recreational qualities attract many visitors and has won several awards, including the United Nations Association of Australia World Environment Day Award.

It’s a great place to spend a day walking the wheelchair accessible and pram friendly trails, riding bikes, having picnic, bird watching or just lazing about in the peaceful environment.

There is a designated picnic area with BBQs, tables, benches, shelters, toilets and plenty of seating.

Approximately 150 bird species have been spotted at Laratinga and Interpretive signs have been installed around the walking trails. Each sign along the trail indicates a type of bird species that you could spot at that location. You might even spot a turtle or a frog if you’re lucky. PLEASE don’t feed the ducks though. Bread is unhealthy for birds as it can cause poor nutrition and even make them sick. Feeding birds also encourages unnatural and aggressive behaviour, and favours non-native species.

Laratinga Bird Watch Trail Map