Find it at: Hay Flat Rd Torrens Vale.

Attention adventurers! Rug up in your nature play onesie’s and take the family to explore some secret Adelaide awesomeness!

Not far from the epic Ingalla Falls (these are amazing after a decent rain) is this magical place called Barton’s Forest Ruins on Hay Flat Road at Torrens Vale….which looks just like a magical slice of Narnia plucked from the books and dropped down the Fleurieu. There isn’t any signage which makes it easy to drive straight past.

Located a short 300m walk down a steep fire track from gate BA1 on Hay Flat Road. The cottage was occupied by members of the Putland family for many years until the land was sold to the South Australian government by Jessie Barton (nee’ Putland) in 1975.

It’s a pram friendly short walk to the ruins but there are some spikey plants located in the ruins so just be cautious of that, and it is close to the waterfalls, so double up with that walk (also 98% pram friendly..the pram takes you right near the falls)

Check out the fabulous Ingalla Falls (and other waterfalls to explore in Adelaide) here.

For more info from Forestry SA click here!

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