Exploring your own backyard with the kids and finding secret little spots you didn’t know about, is one of the best things about being a parent (apart from the constant thanks they give you for all the sacrifices you make…Ha!). Adelaide is full of tunnels and with not all of them still in use, some are now actually quite beautiful spots to visit and explore with the kids. Some are also probably scary AF but lets take the good with the bad shall we!

Littlehampton Twin Tunnels

Constructed when the South Eastern Freeway was built back in the mid 90s, the rail track hasn’t been in service since the mid 1980s (Steamranger leases the track and use it for service cars on rare occasions) However if you are like me and are fond of scaring the children for fun, you might forget to remind them that it is no longer in service. It is the small things as parents that help you get through the day isn’t it.

We recommend parking on Childs Road at Littlehampton, which is the start of the Pedestrian Underpass and walk through. The 75 meter long pedestrian tunnel is actually quite stunning. Painted by street artist Wendy Dixon-Whiley, this incredible project took over 6 months to complete and was such a surprise to come across (we only had heard about the rail tunnel!). It is very well lit, with a fantastic loud echo which is never not fun, and we ran into a lot of families on their walks too who found our echo yelling games as entertaining as we did (probably not).

At the end of the underpass, turn right and walk about 100m along the pathway. We continued on underneath the railway track and past some lovely wetlands until we found a spot to climb onto the rail track. It is a beautiful little spot and is great fun to explore with the little crew to work out how to climb up onto the tracks. Perhaps yours will choose the same option as mine, to have Dad carry him up the hill onto the tracks.

The Rail tunnel is 96m long and it is such a beautiful spot, even better than the photos suggest. We visited on a sunny Spring day and the views are just spectacular. It is a bit of a challenge to find but luckily we have done the searching for you and have included it on our map below.

Honestly, we could not recommend this little afternoon excursion enough and it is only 20 minutes up the freeway. With sensational playgrounds nearby (we love Byethorne Park at Nairne) and plenty of coffee shops nearby too (Sazon Mt Barker for the win!).