We look all over the world to find inspiration for our art. In the Mexican markets, in the brightly coloured stalls, you can find mirrors made from tin foil. So, in true inspiring fashion you can create these beautiful pieces of art with your little ones. If you are thinking about explaining the art elements to your little one, then we are using lines as repetitions and patterns!

You will need:

  • Embossing foil (found at art stores) or you can alfoil
  • Newspaper
  • Pencils and textas
  • Compass
  • Scissors
  • Glue (a hot glue gun is best if available)
  • A3 paper (to be cut square)
  • Imagination……

Once you have all your equipment you can begin by creating a circle with a compass on the tin foil. You can also use a round lid, as long as it is not too big.

Continue by creating two or three more circles, larger than your tin foil on your A4 piece of paper.

Using a pencil, you can begin to carve in a design on the outside of your tin foil. You can use your imagination to create any organic or geometric shapes, they all look amazing! Please be mindful that the edge may be sharp. Use newspaper under your tin foil so that the softness of the paper creates a buffer to push against. Once completed, place to one side and begin creating your mirror background.

Teaching your child about using repetitious patterns on each circle allows them to be focused on the task, deep in concentration, creating some gorgeous mindfulness in art. Do the same with as many circles as you have created on the background of your mirror. Cut the final image out and hot glue gun the tin foil into the mirror.

Voila – a stunning Mexican mirror.

Credit goes to my art assistant, Jeanie (8 years) for her stunning Mexican mirror!