If you have a 2 to 4 year old who loves footy, or just being active, then do we have something for you!

AFL Max is a world class facility out at the airport, we all know that. But for a few terms this year we took along our active 2 year old to 45 minute sessions once a week, for structured fundamental movement skill sessions….Mini Max and Miniest Max! Yes footy played a key theme but it is just a small part in what will become a standard part of our weeks moving forward.

Let’s run through what is on offer here. For the 2-3 year olds, try out the Miniest Max sessions, which might well be the cutest darn thing you will see all year. Held on Tuesdays and Saturdays, these sessions will see your little tyke in small groups running through a new movement or skill each week, led by coaches (shout out to Coach Kat…you are a legend!) who have an innate ability to herd rampaging 2 year olds like some sort of toddler whisperer. From running to catching to kicking to balancing, using all of the facilities at AFL Max (the inflatables and tramps are a favourite of course), the sessions were low stress, fun and a fabulous fun way to start the day.

Mini Max is the next age group up, for the 3-4 year olds. There is zero pressure when the kids move up, with our 2 year old having his birthday mid term but not quite being ready to go up….so he stayed put. Easy done. You will find a Mini Max session on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with the aim for both age groups just to get kids excited about moving and physical activity.

Each session is well structured and great fun, with the end of week the kids getting to place a little footy sticker against their name on the honour wall. A nice little touch which gave the kids a sense of accomplishment each week. Now don’t stress if your 2 year old struggles to pay attention, ours certainly had periods when he lacked a bit of focus and just wanted to run around and chase invisible butterflies, but that is half the fun here, because they provide a zero stress environment and are great at encouraging all kids to get back involved if they want a few moments away from the group.

The terms run alongside the school terms throughout the school year and at the end of each term the kids get to graduate with their own little certificate! Did we mention that it is not just encouraged that parents and care givers get involved but it is HIGHLY encouraged! Wear your activewear, whack on some sneakers and get amongst it with your little ones in what might be your favourite toddler class you will ever do.

Sessions individually run at $23 or you can book a whole term of 8 classes for $148. Don’t forget to grab some merch, with T-shirts and caps available, as well as mini footys to practice at home. Both Mini Max and Miniest Max sessions are held in the mornings.


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