Need a recipe your kiddos will LOVE making? One that they can get fully immersed in and creative with? The awesome Adelaide-based folks at Cook n Create have one of our favorites here for you! We road tested (see what we did there?) the recipe for you and can confirm it’s a great one and would make a fab Christmas gift for teachers and friends.

What you will need (This is the full recipe but if you want to make less, you can simply half the recipe – I often do this or I will munch away on the extras!)

  • 300g Digestive biscuits (You can use others of course but digestives work the best)
  • 100g coco pops
  • 270g unsalted butter
  • 400g Chocolate (You can use white, milk or dark!)
  • 6 tbsp golden syrup
  • 150g marshmallows

That’s the basic recipe BUT we love to add:

  • 50g popcorn
  • 100g mixed nuts
  • 100g mixed dried fruits

You can get creative!


  1. Break up your chocolate into a large glass/heatproof bowl
  2. Fill a saucepan with boiling water and place the bowl over the saucepan over a low heat (Make sure the bottom of your bowl isn’t too near the bottom of the saucepan and that you don’t take the bowl off the pan)
  3. Keep stirring the chocolate until melted – this is a slow melting method called a ban marie and it won’t burn your choccie like in the microwave!
  4. Whilst your chocolate is melting place your digestive biscuits in a food bag, get out most of the air before sealing tightly.
  5. Using your hands (or a rolling pin) crush the biscuits in the bag – there should be a mixture of textures, some crushed finely and some small chunks
  6. Add your crushed biscuits into a mixing bowl as well as your coco pops, marshmallows, and any other fillings you chose e.g popcorn, nuts etc
  7. Melt your butter
  8. Add your butter into the melted chocolate and mix thoroughly (be careful when you remove the bowl from the saucepan- the steam can burn you)
  9. Add your syrup into the butter and chocolate mixture and mix thoroughly
  10. Pour your combined butter and chocolate mixture into your bowl with your fillings
  11. Mix the ingredients together until everything is coated in the chocolate mixture
  12. Transfer the mixture into a 20 x 20 baking tin (You can use any tin/dish really) or you can make mini rocky roads into cupcake/muffin cases
  13. Using the BACK of a metal tablespoon press down the mixture firmly into your tin/dish/case to it isn’t too crumbly
  14. Put into the fridge to cool for 45-60 mins
  15. Slice, enjoy and … tag Cook n Create in your masterpieces!

Psssst – You can also add toppings to your Rocky Roads or even trickle over some white chocolate etc! Get creative!

Cook n Create are a fantastic, Adelaide mobile cooking school who offer classes for all ages and abilities. Find out more about this awesome team here.