I mean whoever came up with the phrase “sleep like a baby” definitely never had a baby before. Not one like mine anyway!

We were recently asked if we’d like to try a new mattress from Origin AEROFLEX™ Hybrid Mattress and after a few weeks trying it out I can confirm, you’ll sleep way better than a baby!

We ordered a Queen size Origin Mattress for my 10 year old, who suffers badly from eczema from a dust mite allergy. Dust mites LOVE bedding, and especially mattresses and after reading that Origin Hybrid® Mattresses are anti-dust mite, anti-bacteria, hypoallergenic and made with 100% natural materials with higher hypoallergenic properties – we had to give it a try.

The mattress arrived quickly straight to our front door and took no time to unbox, unroll and decompress.

Under the 100% Quilted Bamboo Tencel™ Fabric top cover, (bamboo is another win for allergy sufferers) the core of this mattress is built from AEROFLEX™ the hybrid mattress signature layer – approved by doctors to be superior for weightless pressure relief & superior temperature control.

So is this mattress soft or hard? Well actually it’s kinda both. This mattress is highly dynamic and responsive to your body weight. It’ll push back at your heaviest parts (hips and back) and be softer around your torso and legs perfectly distributing your weight so you can really hit those zzzz’s. AEROFLEX™ also responds to your body temperature. When you’re hot it will expand to cool you down. And when you’re cold it will contract and trap the heat to keep you warm. Gees when did mattresses become so high tech?

Do we love it? Miss 10 says it’s WAY better than her old mattress, which it most certainly is. I’ve had a few nights sleeping with her (thanks flu) and I have to say it really is comfortable, supportive and I was really impressed with how little the mattress moves when she moved. No more rolling into each other or bouncing off the bed when your partner rolls over at night.

I need this mattress for my room now……..my kids get all the good stuff!

We also love FREE SHIPPING
And we really love the 120 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (If you try it and don’t like it they’ll come and pick it up and donate it to the Australian Salvation Army)

The Origin Hybrid Mattress is available in 5 sizes (king, queen, double, king single, and single size) and at the moment is ON SALE with some big savings to score.

If you’d like to know more about Origin Mattresses and order one for yourself visit


I received an Origin Mattress and pillow for the purposes of this review. As for all reviews from Kids in Adelaide the above information is honest and in my own words.

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