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Baby carriers, if you grab the right one, are amazing. No need to lug around some clunky enormous pram that takes up the entire boot, your hands are free to walk the dog or drink a coffee (which will be needed. Several times a day) and it is waaaay easier to move around the place…especially in crowds.

But…the big but. A lot of baby carriers can be harder to configure and put together than an Ikea wardrobe. With loops and straps seemingly designed for an 8 armed human, honestly for me they just get a little too hard and don’t get used.

Don’t worry Baby Bjorn has your back (and your front…because it is a baby carrier that goes on your front too….. I will show myself out), with the Baby Carrier One. I was lucky enough to get one of these bad boys to take for a spin and I have to say I was really impressed. I took this marvellous piece of baby design and engineering straight out of the box (didn’t even need the pesky instructions) and whacked it straight on and off I went for a walk with my tiny model assistant. From box to walking in minutes!

I loved the large clips which made it soooo easy to take on and off. Absolutely fantastic, especially for my clumsy large hands which sometimes struggles with the smaller buckles. Even if like me, through stupid pride you want to see if you don’t need instructions, they have included a quick how-to quite on the inside straps so you can really refer to it if you get stuck. Genius. It also looks great too…I think. Style has never been my strongpoint oddly enough but it comes in a range of colours so take your pick. For what its worth, the styling gets a big thumbs up from me.

“But Tim”, I hear you say, “is it comfortable. All this fab design is great and all, but if it feels like a second hand potato sack then I am out”. Not to worry internet friends, it is insanely comfy. I have had lower back pain on and off for years and I found this to be perfect. Really comfy lower back strap and the whole set up is easily configured to suit your needs. Plus the mesh design I found to breathe really well when going for walks on sunny days.

Another feature I loved was how easily it adjusted from newborn to toddler. With a quick zip, a little mesh seat is put in place for the newbies, then unzip and you are in toddler town. There is little straps for dummies to be attached and it easily changes to be a back pack.

Overall, this is a ripper and we definitely recommend if you are in the market for a carrier. So easy to use, really comfy and from a trusted quality brand. Price wise you are always going to pay a couple hundred for a good quality carrier, so at around the $200-$220 mark it is about what you would expect to pay too.

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