Would you like to NEVER buy baby wipes again? Would you like to make beautiful quality soft wipes for under $2 a pop?

Even before any crazy stock shortages at the supermarkets, this was a popular and very quick and easy ‘recipe’ in our house for cheap, essentially chemical free baby wipes that peel perfectly out of their roll. I say ‘essentially’ chemical free, because it depends on the paper towel that you use and the products that you choose to pop in, but we go organic as it is sensitive bottoms in this house.

All you will need is:

  1. 1 x big table spoon of Coconut Oil (we choose organic)
  2. 2 x tea spoons of Baby Wash (we choose organic)
  3. 2 x cups of Boiling Water (slightly cooled but still hot enough to melt the coconut oil)
  4. 1 x roll of paper towel (we choose the best quality un-bleached that we can find. Any paper towel is fine)
  5. 2 x drops of essential oil (optional)
  6. 2 x air tight containers (or zip lock bags) – we use 1.25 ltr decor for a re usable perfect fit

Steps to make:

  1. Cut paper towel roll in half with a bread knife and ‘dust off’ the ends as there will be some little bits of paper
  2. Add all ingredients to a jug or bowl and stir until coconut oil melts
  3. Pop each half roll into an air tight container
  4. Pour half of the mixture equally over the paper roll in each container, place on lid and turn upside down a few minutes
  5. Set up the right way, remove lid and pull out the cardboard roll in the centre
  6. Pull wipes one or two at a time upwards from the centre, snapping them off where you please at the perforations

We find thicker better quality paper towel goes further and you need to use less ‘wipes’.

Please test gently on babies before using, and/or use products that your baby’s skin already likes. You can gently patch test with coconut oil on skin prior also.

We invested about $4 per re usable storage container and each roll of wipes cost us about $2. You could lower this price with cheaper paper towel and/or products, but please remember baby’s are sensitive and adult products that you have on hand may be too harsh.

Keep variations of these in the car, nappy bag, bathroom and at the change table.

Please note in very cool weather the coconut oil can stiffen a little. You can sit the container in warm water or just warm the wipe in your hands a little before use. I find they keep well for two or three weeks and have usually used them all up by then any way. Should they dry out over time just a dd a few drops of water.