The South Australian Museum is a wonderful place for kids (and adults) of any age to visit. There’s so much to explore, learn and discover and the exhibitions are always informative, often interactive and sometimes we feel the need to visit the same exhibition more than once because they are THAT good! Keep an eye on our Kids in Adelaide website, and the museum’s website, for upcoming exhibitions. It is definitely a huge place, and once you have visited once or twice, you’ll get to know specifically what your kids would like to go back and see next time because its absolutely a place you could go every school holidays and see something new – FREE.

SA Museum often runs world class exhibitions. One such exhibition currently is Dogs: A story of our Best Friend, on until August 2nd (ticketed event).

Entrance and all activities at the museum are free unless otherwise indicated, and a morning or afternoon spent exploring the museum is always time well spent. Our kids always learn so so much and they will gravitate to the things that interest them really quickly (like the giant squid in our case, we ALWAYS have to say hello to him!) 

There’s heaps of cafe’s, coffee shops and lawn areas near the Museum and they often have a big screen or event happening on the lawns too! 

We recently booked in to try the ‘Shadow Initiation’ – a competitive and interactive game for up to four players per team for $49 fee (iPad supplied) or $35 for members.

The Shadow initiation will have you cover the entire museum in a whirlwind hour where you race against the clock on an adventure / timed escape room type treasure hunt where you need to solve puzzles and find answers. It is VERY clever and we think best suited to 12 yo plus. Our eleven year old’s found it pretty hard even with the help of one adult, and honestly we should have just left the five year old home, she had fun but was ‘dead weight’ who slowed us down considerably.

Our advice – it takes a little over an hour and you’ll be racing past things the kids will want to come back and look at later. It’s an excellent experience, and next time we will take some older cousins with us! 

The museum do currently have Covid-19 capacity limits, and you’ll simply be asked to line up out side if they are at capacity – it wont take long.