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www.switchedonkids.com.au are an Adelaide based online store that sells educational toys. They are committed to engage and enhance 3-15 years ­­­­­­kids learning and young adults’ learning while playing with toys.

USE ‘WELCOME10’ coupon code to get a $10 discount on your first purchase.

Toys are the best investment in kids after your personal time. The educational toys are meant to challenge the kids brain, learn principals of maths, science, astronomy and they support teachers and parents in child’s learning / education.

Switched on Kids are trying to make a difference to create a community of inquisitive kids and parents to connect, learn, share, and celebrate the stages of a child’s learning environment. Every toy has a list of potential learning outcomes, which is tested through a quiz and feedback from the customer.

All the toys which they sell comply with Australian standards and are from established brands across the world.

Following are the categories from which a child can choose a toy of his interest and learn while playing.

  • Brain Games for Kids
  • Exploration & Fossil Toys
  • Human Anatomy Toys
  • Science Kits & Toys
  • Solar & Wind Energy Toys
  • Space & Astronomy Toys
  • Stem Pack
  • STEM Series Toys

In fact to enhance the Child’s interest they have added an interesting quiz section, which can be accessed from this link. www.switchedonkids.com.au/let-us-quiz

Why not to check this website for some amazing toys and see how your children would start loving to learn more. Because with STEM toys you learn while playing!

USE ‘WELCOME10’ coupon code to get a $10 discount on your first purchase.

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