Road trips with kids. The mere phrase sparks fear into the hearts of even the most seasoned parents, yet we often look back on those trip through the rosiest of rose coloured glasses as some of the best family memories don’t we. Usually.

We absolutely love those unique experiences that only come with exploring our fantastic state, whether it be a brilliant playground (Check out all the best regional playgrounds here), drool worthy country bakery, some sort of giant novelty thing (looking at you big lobster!) or how about a ferry trip!

Have a guess how many ferries service our mighty Murray River here in SA? If you guessed 7, you would be wrong. So wrong. In fact there are 12 scattered up the river to help get your road trip moving across the river. We reckon bridges are boring so why not schedule in that detour to give the kids a little ferry ride, because lets be honest, parking the car on the ferry for a few minutes and soaking in the scenery of the Murray is a bloody great way to spice up a road trip. Our kids love the ferry rides, and don’t forget they can walk on too.

The Ferry service is free, runs 24/7 and you can find them at the locations listed below;

  • Lyrup
  • Waikerie
  • Cadell
  • Morgan
  • Swan Reach
  • Wellington
  • Narrung
  • Tailem Bend
  • Walker Flat
  • Purnong
  • Mannum #1
  • Mannum #2

For up to date info about ferry outages, click here or contact 08 08260 0063 during business hours.

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