Where: Sheoak Beach Road, Edithburgh (Just follow the gigantic windmills)

File this one under ‘wasn’t sure if it would be interesting but it actually wasn’t bad’, because seeing (and hearing!) these colossal structures up close is really quite awe inspiring. It is also the windiest place on Earth (hence the wind farm being built here I suppose), but you can get within a fairly close distance to the windmills at the designated viewing platform.

You will find Wattle Point just out of Edithburgh, which you can easily see just south of the township. Well worth a drive and those who are interested can read up on all things wind farm tech, or you can just stand and admire how big they are. Chuck it in the itinerary for your day at Yorkes, it takes 5 minutes and is rather cool and unique.

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  • /dɪˈskʌvə/ to find unexpectedly or during a search.

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