Of all of the SA reservoirs, Barossa Reservoir with its famous ‘Whispering Wall’ is surely a favourite for kids. It doesn’t involve a big walk or hike and it is THE most magical experience to have one person whisper at the end of the reservoir wall and another hear it over 140 meters away on the other end. Better than milo tins on a string, and even better than the sound pipes in the Angaston Adventure Station (which are pretty hard to beat to be honest – that place is mad good).

The Whispering Wall can be found near Williamstown in the Barossa Valley, under one hours drive from the Adelaide CBD. Honestly it is worth the trip just for this stop alone. Constructed in the very early 1900’s, it is actually the retaining wall of the Barossa Resevior that will carry your voice, and yep even the quietest of whispers, all the way to the other side.

If your kids are like our kids, they will delight in the opportunity to heckle each other, sneak in a swear word or two, sing, laught, coo-ee and yell from end to end. Thankfully we had the entire wall to our selves on our recent visit.

How does it work? Apparently it is all due to the ‘parabola’ effect. Something something about the wall forming part of a perfect circle and the soundwaves bouncing off of it or jumping from one end to the other easily. It’s fascinating.

So what else is here? Nice clean toilets, an SA Water drik refill station, a large carpark, some information boards and some lovely natural bushland. There is also a free Wifi hot spot. There is also a small man made shelter shed and BBQ’s. It’s a great FREE ACTIVITY (no bookings required) activity and a MUST SEE on any Barossa with Kids itinerary.

The Whispering Wall experience is open to the public 7 days per week from 8.30am to 5pm and until 6pm during day light savings. Gates are closed on Mt Lofty fire ban days and Christmas Day, because for one day of the year turkey is more important.