Now open to the public, the photos for this place looked fantastic and it lived up to the expectations and more!

This family friendly and highly accessible facility (toilets YES!) features a 1km mountain bike trail, zip-line, in-groundtrampolines, multi-level adventure play space including a mega tower and slide, skate ramps, bouldering wall, half-court basketball, sensory sound forest poles, outdoor fitness equipment, play deck and plenty of picnic spots.

It is the perfect place to spend an hour, or the whole day and its only a short walk to Angaston where you can grab a bite to eat or browse some of the beautiful shops. We absolutely loved the road trip to get there (which for us was about an hour through the hills) and then finishing up our day with a fab lunch at the award winning 40s Cafe a short walk away.

We loved the open space, the heaps of parking, toilets, shelter and railway station design of some of the equipment, a nod to the railway precinct it was built in. The 1km mountain bike track is fantastic and the basketball court and skate park (plenty of scooters there on the day we went) add some great variety to the facility… well as some fitness equipment which was actually quite fun to play around with for kids and adults!

The mega tower slide is such an awesome landmark and every kid loves a massive slide right? (well Mr 6 did climb the tower but the enclosed slide was a bit too dark for him to go down…but he tried!)

We do think there is probably not a lot for the toddler age group though, which doesn’t mean they won’t have fun, but the equipment is catered towards the older kids with the skate park, huge slide and others. They also have used large cinder blocks in a spot for climbing/stairs and it might be tough for the little ones to navigate and cinder blocks aren’t particularly forgiving if they fall!

Overall this is an absolutely magnificent facility for the region and even though it was busy when we went, it is so big that there is always plenty to do!

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