Located in Plympton Park Aldridge Ave Reserve is a great little local playground and suitable for the nearby community or if you happen to be in the area. The playground suits toddler and early school age kids but also has 2 sports courts to cater for the older ones. The curly slippery dip was certainly our favourite and was definitely the reason our stay was extended just that little bit longer with a “just one more Mum”. We love the steps with handrails that take you to the slide as it makes it a bit more user-friendly and safer for the little ones who are not as steady on their feet. Attached to the main structure is a spider web for climbing along with hanging balancing beads. Underneath you will also find a little shop for imaginative play and a mini rock climbing wall.

Not far away from the main structure features a mini see-saw, stand up spinning pole and a swing set with normal swing and baby swing. The sports courts are suitable for tennis, netball and basketball and there is a little bike / scooter track that circles the courts.

The park has a picnic table with shelter , the play equipemt is shaded and there are BBQ facilities and a water fountain. There is grassed area for the kids to run around on however it is quite dry. This park unfortunately has NO toilets and is NOT fenced . A nice little play space for a quick play.